How to Make the Nether Portal on Minecraft

Welcome to the world of Minecraft! The game that allows you to explore, build, and create in a world of blocks. One of the most exciting parts of Minecraft is the ability to explore different dimensions, including the Nether, a fiery underworld full of danger and adventure. In order to access this dimension, you’ll need to make a Nether Portal. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think. Here are the steps, explanations, and tips on how to make the Nether Portal on Minecraft.

Steps: How to Make the Nether Portal on Minecraft

Step 1: Gather Resources

The first step in making a Nether Portal is to gather the resources needed. You’ll need a total of 10 obsidian blocks and flint and steel. Obsidian blocks are created by pouring water on lava source blocks, which will create solid obsidian blocks. Make sure to have a diamond pickaxe to mine the obsidian. Flint and steel can be easily crafted with one iron ingot and one flint.

Step 2: Choose a Location

Once you have all the necessary resources, choose a location to build the Nether Portal. It’s important to choose a large enough area to build the portal, as it will be a 4×5 block structure. You’ll also want to choose a safe location to spawn into the Nether, away from any danger.

Step 3: Build the Obsidian Frame

To build the Nether Portal, create a vertical frame made of obsidian blocks that is 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks tall. Make sure to have two blocks at the bottom and a space in the middle for the portal. The top two blocks should leave a space for the flint and steel, which will be used to activate the portal.

Step 4: Light the Portal

Using the flint and steel, right-click on the bottom block of the obsidian frame to light the portal. You’ll see purple particles appear, indicating that the portal is now active.

Step 5: Enter the Portal

Once the portal is active, enter the middle of the obsidian frame. Your screen will fade to black, and you’ll enter the Nether dimension.

Step 6: Explore the Nether

Once inside the Nether, there are many dangers and adventures waiting for you. Make sure to be prepared with weapons and armor, as the Nether is full of dangerous creatures and environments.

Step 7: Return to the Overworld

To return to the Overworld, simply enter the same portal you used to enter the Nether. You will be teleported back to the location where the portal was originally built.

Step 8: Break the Nether Portal

If you’re finished with exploring the Nether and want to remove the portal, you can break it by using a diamond pickaxe. Breaking the portal will also provide you with the 10 obsidian blocks used to make it.

Step 9: Transporting Items with a Nether Portal

One convenient use for a Nether Portal is to transport items quickly between locations. In the Nether, one block traveled is equivalent to eight blocks in the Overworld. This means that you can save time and resources by traveling through the Nether to reach faraway locations much quicker.

Step 10: Not Enough Obsidian? Build a Smaller Portal

If you don’t have enough obsidian to build a full-size Nether Portal, don’t worry. You can create a smaller portal with just 14 blocks of obsidian in a 2×3 frame. This portal will still transport you to the Nether, but you won’t be able to bring large items through it.

Step 11: Build Multiple Portals for Quick Travel

To save even more time traveling, you can build multiple portals to different locations in both the Nether and the Overworld. This will allow you to quickly transport between locations without having to navigate through dangerous terrain.

Step 12: Be Prepared for the Nether

The Nether is a hostile environment, with dangerous creatures and extreme heat. Make sure to bring the appropriate equipment, such as fire protection potions and armor, to ensure your safety while exploring.

Explanation: How to Make the Nether Portal on Minecraft

The Nether Portal is one of the most exciting elements in Minecraft, as it allows players to explore an entirely new dimension full of danger and adventure. The portal is created by using a vertical frame made of obsidian blocks that is lit with flint and steel. Once the portal is active, players can enter and explore the Nether dimension. This is a useful feature in Minecraft that can help save time when traveling large distances.

Tips and Tricks: How to Make the Nether Portal on Minecraft

Tip 1: Use a Water Bucket to Make Obsidian

If you don’t have a diamond pickaxe, you can still create obsidian by pouring water on lava source blocks. Pour the water on top of the lava source block and the lava will solidify into obsidian.

Tip 2: Protect the Portal with Obsidian Walls

To keep dangers away from your portal, consider building obsidian walls around the perimeter. This will help keep the portal safe from damage, especially if you’re building it in an area with hostile mobs.

Tip 3: Build Multiple Portals for Different Locations

One Nether Portal is useful, but multiple portals to different locations in the Overworld and Nether can save even more time when traveling. Consider building different portals to strategic locations to help move quickly through the game.

Tip 4: Use Fire Resistance Potions for Added Protection

Fire resistance potions can help protect you from some of the dangers and heat in the Nether. Consider brewing potions before entering the Nether, as they can be a lifesaver in this hostile environment.

Tip 5: Build Smaller Portals to Save Resources

If you don’t have enough resources to build a full-size Nether Portal, consider building a smaller portal with just 14 blocks of obsidian. This will still transport you to the Nether, but you won’t be able to bring large items through it.

Tip 6: Bring Extra Supplies for Extended Exploring

The Nether is a big dimension, full of danger and excitement. Make sure to bring enough supplies, such as food, weapons, and armor, to help you explore for longer periods.

Tip 7: Transport Items Quickly Through the Nether

The Nether can be a great way to transport items quickly between locations in the Overworld. This can save time and resources, helping you play more efficiently.

Tip 8: Block Nether Portals to Avoid Unwanted Spawns

If you want to stop hostile mobs from spawning around your Nether Portal, consider blocking the portal with solid blocks. This can keep mobs away, helping you stay safe when entering or leaving the portal.

Tip 9: Keep Building Materials Nearby in the Nether

If you’re building something in the Nether, consider keeping building materials nearby. This can help save time and resources when building, as you won’t need to travel to the Overworld to gather more materials.

Tip 10: Remember, the Nether is a Dangerous Place

The Nether is full of danger, including fire, lava, and hostile mobs. Make sure to be well-equipped and prepared to explore this dimension, or the journey could be a painful one.

With these steps, explanations, and tips in mind, you can now build a Nether Portal and explore the exciting and dangerous realm of the Nether dimension in Minecraft. Remember to stay safe, be prepared, and enjoy the adventure!

Advantages and Disadvantages


1. The Nether portal allows players to quickly travel between different locations in the Minecraft world.

2. It provides access to unique resources that cannot be found in the Overworld, such as Nether Quartz and Glowstone.

3. The Nether fortress houses valuable loot, including Blaze rods, Nether Wart, and other rare items.

4. It’s an excellent spot for farming experience points, with many hostile mobs spawning in the area.

5. The Nether also makes it possible to access Minecraft’s endgame content, the Ender Dragon, by finding and activating a Nether portal.

6. The Nether has a distinct aesthetic and provides a more challenging environment than the Overworld, offering exciting gameplay opportunities.

7. Players can choose to build bases or farms in the Nether for added gameplay diversity.

8. Players can use the Nether to connect different multiplayer bases together, making it an excellent tool for teamwork.

9. Nether portals are relatively easy to construct, and a little bit of planning goes a long way.

10. The Nether portal adds another layer of depth to Minecraft, making it a highly enjoyable experience for players looking for a challenge.


1. The Nether can be incredibly dangerous for players who are not well-equipped with weapons, armor, and supplies.

2. The environment inside the Nether is inhospitable, with constant fire and lava hazards that can easily kill unsuspecting players.

3. Players who don’t know the Nether terrain well may become lost, making it challenging to find their way back to the Overworld.

4. There’s a chance that players may spawn inside a Nether fortress. While this means instant access to valuable loot, it can also be dangerous if the player is unprepared for the hostile mobs in the area.

5. Using the Nether portal can be a time-consuming process, especially when players don’t have access to adequate infrastructure to make the process more efficient.

6. The Nether has less space than the Overworld, which can make it difficult to build and create extensive projects.

7. The Nether’s unique hazards, such as the risk of pigmen angering, can be frustrating when players are trying to accomplish specific tasks.

8. The Nether portal is prone to breaking if players don’t take proper care of it. This can be challenging for players who aren’t familiar with the mechanics surrounding the portal’s construction.

9. The Nether portal can’t be moved once it’s been constructed, meaning players who want to explore new areas of the Nether will have to build new portals in new locations.

10. The Nether portal can be expensive to build, especially for players who don’t have access to the necessary resources.


1. What is Nether Portal in Minecraft?

Nether Portal is a type of structure in Minecraft that allows players to travel between the Overworld and Nether dimensions of the game world.

2. What are the materials needed to create a Nether Portal?

To create a Nether Portal, players will need a total of 14 Obsidian blocks. They can be obtained from mining Obsidian or through trading.

3. How do I place the Obsidian blocks for the Nether Portal?

To place the Obsidian blocks, players need to create a rectangular frame consisting of four blocks wide and five blocks tall. Then, light the bottom center of the frame with Flint and Steel.

4. Do I need any specific tools to create the Nether Portal?

No, players do not need any special tools to create a Nether Portal. A regular diamond or iron pickaxe will suffice to mine the Obsidian blocks.

5. Can I use different blocks other than Obsidian to create a Nether Portal?

No, Obsidian is the only block that can be used to create a Nether Portal.

6. How much space is required to create a Nether Portal?

Players need at least a 2×3 space to create a Nether Portal. However, it is recommended to have more space for easier access.

7. Can I create multiple Nether Portals in the same world?

Yes, players can create multiple Nether Portals in the same world. However, each Nether Portal will require its own frame of Obsidian blocks.

8. Where will I spawn in the Nether after traveling through the Nether Portal?

Upon traveling through the Nether Portal, players will spawn in a corresponding location in the Nether dimension, though not necessarily at the same exact spot.

9. How do I return to the Overworld from the Nether?

To return to the Overworld from the Nether, players simply need to enter the same Nether Portal they used to travel to the Nether.

10. Can animals or other creatures travel through the Nether Portal?

No, animals and other creatures are not able to travel through the Nether Portal. Only players can go through the portal.

11. Can Nether Portals be used in multiplayer mode?

Yes, Nether Portals can be used in multiplayer mode. Each player will spawn in their own corresponding location in the Nether dimension.

12. Is it possible to deactivate a Nether Portal?

No, Nether Portals cannot be deactivated once they have been created.

13. What should I bring with me when traveling through the Nether Portal?

Players should bring plenty of food, armor, weapons, and tools when traveling through the Nether Portal since the Nether dimension is much more dangerous than the Overworld.

Conclusion: How to Make the Nether Portal on Minecraft

Now that you know how to make the Nether Portal, it’s time to explore the Nether and all its wonders! Have fun building, crafting, and fighting your way through the dark and dangerous dimension.

Remember, though: the Nether is not for the faint of heart. It’s easy to get lost in the vast and sprawling landscape, and danger lurks around every corner. Make sure you’re well-prepared for any challenges that may come your way, and don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help. Together, you can conquer the Nether and emerge victorious!

Closing: How to Make the Nether Portal on Minecraft

Thank you for reading this guide on how to make the Nether Portal in Minecraft. We hope you found it helpful and informative, and that you’ll be able to use these instructions to create your own portal and dive headfirst into the Nether.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. We’d love to hear from you and see how your Nether adventures are going! And if you have any other Minecraft-related topics you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to help you make the most of your gaming experience, and we’re always excited to share our knowledge and expertise with fellow Minecrafters. Until next time, happy crafting!