How to Make T-Shirts in Roblox: A Comprehensive Guide

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Hello, aspiring designers and game enthusiasts! Are you a fan of Roblox and dreaming of creating your custom t-shirts? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating t-shirts in Roblox. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get ready to learn and unleash your creativity!

Steps How to Make T Shirts in Roblox

Step 1: Sign in to Roblox and open the Develop Tab

First thing first, you need to sign in to your Roblox account and select the Develop tab to access the T-Shirt creation page. If you don’t have an account, create an account and verify your age to gain permission to upload and sell your t-shirts. Once you’re in, select the “Create” tab, which will lead you directly to the T-Shirt Creation page.

Step 2: Choose Your Desired T-Shirt Template

Before you begin customizing your t-shirt, you must select a template. Several T-shirt templates are available on the Roblox platform, and the best part is that they are free! Choose your preferred template layout, which acts as the base for your final product. You can pick from various templates or even create one from scratch.

Step 3: Customize Your T-Shirt Design

Now that you’ve picked your t-shirt template, it’s time to get creative! Start by adding graphics, text, or images to your t-shirt design. You can upload pre-existing designs or create your designs utilizing Roblox’s editing tools. Incorporate your unique style into your t-shirt, and ensure it captures the essence of your brand.

Step 4: Previewing Your Design

After applying your design, the next step is to preview your work. You can do this by clicking the Live Preview button, which appears on the lower-right corner of the screen. By previewing your design, you can make final adjustments and verify that your t-shirt looks as expected.

Step 5: Save And Upload Your T-Shirt Design

After finalizing your design and previewing your work, it’s time to save and upload your t-shirt design. To do so, click on the Save button, and you’ll be redirected to another page where you can make some final touches. Once you’re happy with your t-shirt, hit the Upload button to publish your design. Congratulations! Your t-shirt design is now ready for sale.

Step 6: Setting Your T-Shirt Price

The next step is to set a price for your t-shirt design. You can choose any rate, depending on individual preference and market demand. Keep in mind that the pricing must adhere to Roblox’s set minimum price limit. It also explains that it is vital to research the market rates and your competition to help gauge your pricing preferences and ensure your t-shirt is priced competitively.

Step 7: Branding Your T-Shirt

Once your t-shirt is up for sale, you will want to promote your work to increase sales. Consider branding your t-shirt by incorporating logos, social media handles, and websites. This way, your potential customers can quickly identify your work and access your portfolio.

Step 8: Marketing Your T-Shirt Design

After creating, pricing, and branding your t-shirt, it’s time to promote your product. Utilize marketing tools on the Roblox platform, such as Roblox Card, to reach your target market. Share your design on social media pages to increase visibility, and don’t forget to include relevant hashtags.

Step 9: Receiving Payment and Analyzing Sale Stats

When a customer purchases your t-shirt, you will receive a percentage of the total sales. Roblox issues payment on the 1st and 15th of each month. Ensure you keep track of your account balance and analyze sales statistics through the Developer Exchange (DevEx) to monitor your progress.

Step 10: Interacting With Your Customers

Interacting with your customers is one of the best ways to keep them coming back for more. Respond to their feedback, questions, and concerns promptly. You can use this as an opportunity to gather feedback and implement it in your future designs.

Step 11: Updating Your T-Shirt Designs

Don’t be afraid to update your t-shirt designs now and then. Based on customer feedback and trends, you can make necessary changes to your design to increase sales.

Step 12: Experimenting With New Designs and Ideas

Finally, don’t limit yourself to a single design or idea. Keep experimenting with different design elements, themes, and concepts. Always strive to be creative and stay updated on the latest fashion and market trends.

Explanation How to Make T Shirts in Roblox

Creating t-shirts in Roblox is an excellent way of flexing creative ideas and generating income. However, several factors play a crucial role in the success of your t-shirt design. An essential element is to ensure that your design stands out and is unique. Incorporate distinct graphics and art to make your t-shirt more appealing and memorable. Also, the pricing is another crucial factor to consider. Research the market and your competitors to gauge the best pricing for your t-shirt. Ensure that the price resonates with your design and does not overshoot the market standard. Also, using marketing strategies such as social media, promotions, and collaborations are effective ways of promoting and increasing sales. Finally, engaging with your prospective and current customers through feedback and interactions will help you improve your designs, build brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Tips and Tricks How to Make T Shirts in Roblox

Tip 1: Explore t-shirt designs through auctions and the Roblox Catalog

Take inspiration from various t-shirt designs by observing auctions, the Roblox Catalog, and sales trends. This way, you learn current trends and assess the competition.

Tip 2: Keep Your Design Simple and Comfortable

Avoid complicated designs that make people uncomfortable or feel uneasy when wearing your t-shirts. Keep it simple to capture the essence of your brand while still making the wearer feel at ease.

Tip 3: Utilize Roblox’s user-friendly editing tools

Roblox provides numerous user-friendly tools that you can use to create your t-shirt. These tools will allow you to incorporate various graphics and images to make your t-shirt stand out.

Tip 4: Engage Your Customer Base on Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to interact with your customer base. Share your designs on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Respond timely to feedback and comments from customers.

Tip 5: Creating a Strong Brand Identity

Create a strong brand identity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Branding entails logo design, packaging, social media, and website pages. This way, your customers can easily identify your products, and you can generate brand loyalty.

Tip 6: Set Prices with Consideration of the Target Market

Before pricing your t-shirts, take time to research the market demand. Roblox advises developers to price t-shirts within a specified range. The target market should also dictate your price to ensure maximum sales and profitability.

Tip 7: Making Use of Feedback in Upgrading Your Designs

Feedback helps to improve your t-shirt designs as it highlights areas that need improvement or additional attention. Ensure to incorporate the feedback, especially recurring feedback, into future designs to enhance user experience.

Tip 8: Maximizing on Promotional Tools

Maximize on Roblox’s promotional tools such as the builder’s club. This subscription service provides access to promotional features, the chance to earn Robux daily and grants discounts and gifts for members.

Tip 9: Utilize Collaborative Opportunities

Collaborating with other developers or influencers can attract new audiences, gain exposure and establish a name for yourself. Consider partnering with influencers and developers to increase brand recognition and sales.

Tip 10: Stay Impeccable with the Quality of your T-Shirts

Finally, ensure that your t-shirts designs are of high quality. The quality would include texture, sizing, graphics, and color while also considering washing instructions. High-quality t-shirts guarantee customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

In conclusion, creating t-shirts in Roblox is a fun and an effective way of showcasing your creativity. However, it requires dedication, research, marketing, branding and constantly upgrading your skills. The Tips and tricks will guide you in choosing the best platforms to showcase your designs and reach your target market. By effectively implementing the relevant tips, you can create a successful t-shirt design that generates income and establishes brand recognition.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Making T-shirts in Roblox

Roblox is a popular game platform where users can create their games and experiences. It also allows users to design and sell virtual clothing items such as t-shirts. Creating t-shirts in Roblox comes with both advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to weigh them before deciding to make t-shirts in Roblox. Here are ten advantages and disadvantages of making t-shirts in Roblox:


  1. Creating t-shirts in Roblox is easy and can be done by anyone with basic computer skills.
  2. It allows for creativity and freedom to design unique t-shirt designs that reflect one’s personality.
  3. T-shirts created in Roblox can be sold to other players for Robux, the virtual currency used in the game.
  4. It can be a profitable venture, especially for those who have a knack for design and marketing.
  5. Designs can be uploaded and sold multiple times, making it a passive income stream.
  6. Roblox provides a community of users where designers can showcase their designs and get feedback.
  7. Making t-shirts in Roblox provides an opportunity for users to learn valuable skills such as graphic design and marketing.
  8. The process of designing t-shirts in Roblox can be a fun and engaging activity for users.
  9. Making t-shirts in Roblox can be a way to stand out and gain recognition in the Roblox community.
  10. It does not require any physical inventory or shipping, making it a hassle-free business model.


  1. The market for t-shirts in Roblox can be saturated, making it harder for new designers to get noticed.
  2. Designing quality t-shirts can take time and effort, especially for those who are not experienced in graphic design.
  3. Designs may not always sell, resulting in wasted time and effort.
  4. Roblox takes a commission for every sale, which can lower profit margins.
  5. Users may face copyright infringement claims if their designs are too similar to existing designs or brands.
  6. Selling t-shirts in Roblox requires a premium membership, which can be costly.
  7. It may be challenging to keep up with the trends and preferences of Roblox users, resulting in lower sales.
  8. Making t-shirts in Roblox can be seen as a low-effort or low-prestige activity by some members of the community.
  9. It may be challenging to market t-shirts and gain visibility in a crowded marketplace.
  10. Selling t-shirts in Roblox does not provide a steady income stream and may not be a viable long-term business plan.

Overall, making t-shirts in Roblox has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is crucial to evaluate them before pursuing it as a business or hobby. While it can be a fun and profitable activity, it requires dedication and hard work to stand out in a competitive marketplace.


1. What is Roblox?

Roblox is a popular gaming platform where users can create their own games, play games created by others, and even design their own avatars and clothing.

2. Can I make t-shirts in Roblox?

Yes, you can make your own t-shirts in Roblox by using the online editor within the platform.

3. What do I need to make a t-shirt in Roblox?

You will need an active Roblox account, a design program (like Photoshop or Paint), and an image for your t-shirt design.

4. Do I need a Builder’s Club membership to make a t-shirt?

No, you do not need a Builder’s Club membership to make a t-shirt. However, if you want to sell your t-shirts or other creations in the Roblox catalog, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership.

5. How do I create my t-shirt design?

To create your t-shirt design, you will need to open the Roblox online editor and upload your image. You can then adjust the size and placement of your image to fit the t-shirt template.

6. What size should my t-shirt image be?

Your t-shirt image should be 585 pixels wide by 559 pixels tall.

7. How many colors can I use in my t-shirt design?

You can use up to 12 different colors in your t-shirt design.

8. Once I’ve made my t-shirt, how can I wear it?

You can wear your t-shirt by going to your avatar page, selecting “Wardrobe”, and then clicking “Shirts”. Your t-shirt should appear on this page along with any other shirts you own.

9. Can I sell my t-shirts to other players?

If you have a premium membership, you can upload your t-shirt design to the Roblox catalog and sell it to other players. You will receive a percentage of the profits for each sale.

10. How much can I charge for my t-shirts?

Prices for t-shirts in the Roblox catalog can range from a few Robux (the virtual currency used on the platform) to several hundred. It’s up to you to determine the price for your t-shirt based on its design and popularity.

11. Can I make other types of clothing in Roblox?

Yes, you can create and sell a variety of clothing items in Roblox, including pants, hats, and accessories. The process for creating these items is similar to that for making t-shirts.

12. How can I promote my t-shirts to other players?

You can promote your t-shirts by sharing them on social media, creating a YouTube video to showcase your designs, or even setting up an in-game store to sell your creations.

13. Is it easy to make t-shirts in Roblox?

While creating a t-shirt in Roblox does require some technical skills, it is generally considered to be a fairly simple process once you become familiar with the online editor. Take some time to experiment with different designs, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from other players or Roblox support if you need it.

Conclusion how to make t shirts in roblox

In conclusion, making t-shirts in Roblox is a fun and creative way to express yourself and share your designs with the Roblox community. With just a few simple steps, you can easily create your own custom t-shirts and showcase your style in your favorite Roblox games. Using the Roblox Studio and the online image editor, you can upload custom images, graphics, and logos to create unique and personalized t-shirts that reflect your personality and interests.

Whether you’re looking to create a cool and trendy fashion statement or promote your favorite brand or game, making t-shirts in Roblox is a great way to get started. With the right tools and a little creativity, you can design eye-catching and stylish t-shirts that will impress your friends and fellow Roblox enthusiasts. So get started today and explore the world of Roblox t-shirt design!

Closing how to make t shirts in roblox

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on how to make t-shirts in Roblox. We hope that you found it informative and useful, and that it has inspired you to try your hand at creating your own custom designs. Remember, making t-shirts in Roblox is a fun and rewarding activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their skill level or background.

So go ahead and start designing your own unique t-shirts, and don’t forget to share your creations with the Roblox community. With a little practice and a lot of passion, you can become a master of Roblox t-shirt design and create amazing t-shirts that will amaze and inspire others. Good luck and have fun!