How to Make a Shulker Box: A Beginner’s Guide

Shulker boxes are a useful item in Minecraft that allows players to store items in a single container. They come in handy when you’re out on a mining expedition or gathering resources on a large scale. If you’re a Minecraft player who is just starting out, learning how to make a shulker box is essential to improving your gameplay.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make a shulker box in Minecraft. From gathering necessary materials to crafting the box, we’ll provide you with all the details. Let’s dive in!

Steps on How to Make a Shulker Box

Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

To make a shulker box, you’ll need the following materials:
– Two Shulker Shells: Shulker shells can be obtained by killing Shulkers in the End City or from chests found in End City.
– One Chest: You can craft a chest by placing eight wood planks in a crafting table.

Step 2: Open Crafting Table

To open the crafting table, right-click on it.

Step 3: Place Materials into Crafting Table

Place the two shulker shells and one chest in the 3×3 crafting grid of the table.

Step 4: Arrange Items

Arrange the items in crafting table as follows:
– Place the chest in the middle row of the grid.
– Put the shulker shells in the upper and lower rows of the middle column.

Step 5: Transfer to Inventory

Once you’ve arranged the items in the crafting table correctly, drag the resulting shulker box into your inventory.

Step 6: Rename Shulker Box

By default, the shulker box’s name displays the word “Shulker Box.” You can change the name by equipping the shulker box in your hand and right-clicking on an anvil. This allows you to rename it whatever you like.

Step 7: Use Shulker Box

To use the shulker box, place it on the ground and right-click on it. A window will appear, and you can put items into the shulker box. Close the window by right-clicking outside of the box.

Step 8: Pick Up Shulker Box

To pick up the shulker box, break it as you would any other block in Minecraft. Doing so will drop the shulker box and all its contents on the ground.

Step 9: Relocate Shulker Box

You can relocate the shulker box by breaking it and placing it somewhere else in your Minecraft world. To keep the contents inside the box, ensure that you pick it up instead of breaking it.

Step 10: Upgrade Shulker Box

You can upgrade a shulker box by placing it in a crafting table with a dye. Doing so will change the color of the shulker box.

Step 11: Add Shulker Box to Inventory via Creative Mode

In Creative mode, you can access the shulker box in the inventory menu by searching for “Shulker Box.”

Step 12: Add Shulker Box to Inventory via Console Commands

Players can also use console commands to obtain a shulker box. Use the “/give” command with the syntax /give minecraft:shulker_box. Replace “” with the desired player’s name.

Explanation on How to Make a Shulker Box

As you can see, the process of making a shulker box is easy and straightforward. By following our guide, you should have no problem crafting your own shulker box and using it to store items. They offer a convenient way to store items in Minecraft, especially when you’re out exploring and gathering resources.

One thing to note is that shulker boxes are stackable when empty, making them convenient to carry around in your Minecraft inventory. You can stack up to 64 shulker boxes in a single slot of your inventory.

Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Shulker Box

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when making and using a shulker box in Minecraft:

Tip 1: Collect Extra Materials

It’s always a good idea to collect extra shulker shells, just in case you want to make additional shulker boxes. You can store them in a shulker box for convenience.

Tip 2: Label Your Shulker Boxes

If you have multiple shulker boxes, consider labeling them to make it easier to find specific items. Simply use an anvil to rename each box accordingly.

Tip 3: Use Shulker Boxes in Farms

Shulker boxes can be useful in farms where you need to move a large quantity of items between storage locations. For example, in a sugar cane farm, you can use a shulker box to transport sugar canes from the farm to a nearby storage area.

Tip 4: Store Shulker Boxes Inside Other Shulker Boxes

When exploring for a long time, carrying a lot of shulker boxes can take up a lot of your inventory space. However, you can store shulker boxes inside other shulker boxes, making them easier to carry around.

Tip 5: Use a Silk Touch Enchanted Tool to Pick Up Shulker Box

If you use a Silk Touch enchanted tool to pick up a shulker box, you’ll keep all the items inside the box. This can come in handy when moving a shulker box from one location to another without losing your items.

Tip 6: Shulker Box Traps

Shulker boxes can be used to create traps for other players in multiplayer mode. Place a trapped shulker box in a hidden location, and when another player opens it, they’ll be hit with a surprise attack.

Tip 7: Make Shulker Box Links

You can link shulker boxes by placing one shulker box beside each other, and they will automatically connect. This can come in handy in complex storage units.

Tip 8: Combine Shulker Box Inventory with Hoppers

You can use hoppers to transfer items between shulker boxes, which can help automate your Minecraft storage system.

Tip 9: Combine Shulker Box Inventory with Redstone

You can also use Redstone to transfer items between shulker boxes in Minecraft. This can help create complex item sorting systems.

Tip 10: Shulker Box Transportation via Elytra Flight

You can use Elytra Flight to transport a shulker box from one location to another. Fly with the shulker box in hand and deploy the Elytra when you need to cross large gaps. This can make transportation much more efficient in Minecraft.

In conclusion, making a shulker box in Minecraft is a simple process that can enhance your gameplay experience. With the right materials and a bit of crafting know-how, you’ll be able to store items and transport shulker boxes with ease. Don’t forget to use our tips and tricks to make the most of your Minecraft shulker boxes!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Making a Shulker Box


1. Additional storage space – Shulker boxes can store up to 27 items, making them a valuable addition to your inventory.

2. Easy to transport – Shulker boxes retain their contents even when broken, allowing for easy transportation of items.

3. Customizable colors – Shulker boxes can be dyed to different colors, making it easier to organize and distinguish between different boxes.

4. Useful for building – Shulker boxes can be used as building blocks, allowing players to create unique and functional structures.

5. Can be kept hidden – Shulker boxes can be hidden away in a base, offering a secret storage solution.

6. Can be duplicated – Players can duplicate shulker boxes using certain glitches or commands, providing an unlimited supply of storage space.

7. Can be useful in multiplayer – Shared shulker boxes can be used to easily transfer items between players.

8. Ideal for long trips – Shulker boxes can provide additional storage space on long expeditions, allowing players to bring more items with them.

9. Can be used for farming – Shulker boxes can be used to store crops or other farm materials, helping to organize a player’s farm.

10. Provides protection – Shulker boxes can be used to shield players from attacks, as they can act as a temporary barrier from enemies or projectiles.


1. Requires resources – Crafting a shulker box requires rare resources such as shulker shells and can be expensive.

2. Limited space – Despite offering additional storage space, shulker boxes can only hold up to 27 items, making them limited compared to other storage options.

3. Can be lost – If destroyed in the wrong circumstances, shulker boxes can be lost along with their contents.

4. Not compatible with some mods – Some Minecraft modifications may not work well with shulker boxes, reducing their usefulness in certain scenarios.

5. Can be stolen – In multiplayer games, other players may steal a player’s shulker boxes if they have access to them.

6. Can be glitchy – Shulker boxes can sometimes be glitchy, causing them to disappear or not work as intended.

7. Can be a distraction – Focusing on collecting resources for shulker boxes can detract from other aspects of the game.

8. Can be difficult to obtain – Obtaining the necessary resources to craft a shulker box, such as killing shulkers, can be a difficult and dangerous task.

9. May require extra steps – Crafting a shulker box requires additional steps compared to other types of storage options.

10. Requires an end portal – To obtain shulker boxes, players must venture into The End, which requires an end portal to access.


1. What is a shulker box?

A shulker box is a storage item in Minecraft that can be used to store multiple types of items in one container.

2. How do I obtain a shulker box?

You can obtain a shulker box by defeating a shulker in the End and looting the item.

3. Can I craft a shulker box?

Yes, you can craft a shulker box using two shulker shells and a chest in a crafting table.

4. What are the benefits of using a shulker box?

A shulker box can store up to 27 stacks of items in one container, making it an efficient storage option.

5. How do I open a shulker box?

To open a shulker box, you must right-click on it.

6. Can I rename my shulker box?

Yes, you can rename your shulker box by using an anvil and a nametag.

7. Can I dye my shulker box?

Yes, you can dye your shulker box by using any of the 16 available dye colors in a crafting table.

8. Can I store different types of items in one shulker box?

Yes, you can store different types of items in one shulker box, making it an efficient way to organize your inventory.

9. Can I use a shulker box as a backpack?

Yes, you can use a shulker box as a backpack, carrying it around your inventory and accessing it when needed.

10. How do I transport a shulker box?

You can transport a shulker box by carrying it in your inventory or placing it in a minecart or boat.

11. Can I use a shulker box to transport items between dimensions?

No, you cannot use a shulker box to transport items between dimensions. The box will disappear if you try to transport it with items inside.

12. Can other players access my shulker box?

Yes, other players can access your shulker box if you place it in a public area. However, you can place a shulker box inside a locked chest to prevent this from happening.

13. Can I use a shulker box in multiplayer servers?

Yes, you can use a shulker box in multiplayer servers. However, keep in mind that other players can access it if you place it in a public area.

Conclusion: How to Make a Shulker Box

In conclusion, making a shulker box in Minecraft is a convenient and helpful way to store your items. It allows you to keep your inventory organized and easily transportable. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create your very own shulker box and enjoy all of its benefits. Remember to gather the necessary resources and follow the crafting recipe carefully. With a little patience and practice, you will become a pro at creating shulker boxes in no time. Happy crafting!

Closing: How to Make a Shulker Box

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on how to make a shulker box in Minecraft. We hope that it has been informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. We love hearing from our readers and providing the best possible information to help enhance your gaming experience. Until next time, happy crafting and have fun exploring the world of Minecraft!