How to Make a Librarian Villager in Minecraft

Welcome to our article on how to make a librarian villager! Minecraft offers a vast world where players can explore, create, and interact with a variety of different characters. One of these characters is the librarian villager, who can provide useful services to players, such as selling enchanted books. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of how to make a librarian villager in Minecraft.

Steps How to Make a Librarian Villager

Step 1: Locate a Village

The first step in making a librarian villager is finding a village. Villages are usually located in plains, desert, or savanna biomes. You can also use the /locate Village command to find a village’s coordinates. Once you have located a village, make sure that it has a village librarian.

Step 2: Identify the Village Librarian

Identify the village librarian by looking for the villager with glasses on their nose. They wear a white apron and can be found in the library building in the center of the village.

Step 3: Lock the Village Librarian

The next step is to make sure the village librarian cannot escape. This can be done by placing a block in front of the entrance of the library building.

Step 4: Destroy Workstation

The village librarian’s workstation must be destroyed, so they no longer belong to their profession. Approach the workspace, and for Java users, right-click on it while holding any of the non-associated work items. For Bedrock users, break the workstation using a pickaxe.

Step 5: Wait for the Village Librarian to Lose Their Profession

The village librarian will lose their profession if they do not have access to their workstation for a specified period or time. This will allow the villager to switch to a new profession.

Step 6: Place a Lectern Near the Village Librarian

Now you can place a lectern near the village librarian. For the villager to become a librarian, they need to interact with the lectern.

Step 7: Wait for the Village Librarian to Claim the Lectern

Just like claiming the previous workstation, the village librarian will now claim the lectern as their new work area.

Step 8: Verify that the Village Librarian is a Librarian

If the villager has successfully claimed the lectern, they should wear a white robe that signifies they have become a librarian.

Step 9: Click on the Lectern

Right-click on the lectern to see if it offers any trades. If it does, you can now start trading with the librarian and acquire enchanted books.

Step 10: Crafting a Custom Librarian Villager

With the new Minecraft update, players can now create custom villagers wearing custom clothes using an anvil. If you want to create a custom librarian villager, you can place a lectern and any kind banner design on the anvil to obtain a custom librarian banner. Once you have the banner, use it on a regular village librarian to make them a custom librarian villager.

Step 11: Creating a Trading Hall

If you want to make multiple librarian villagers, you can create a trading hall by placing blocks with workstations. Villagers can flow into your trading hall during the migration period of their professions, allowing you to create specific trades. In the trading hall, you can make custom librarians by providing each of them with a customizable banner.

Step 12: Keep the Villager Safe

Once you have a librarian villager, make sure to keep them safe by using walls or fencing around them. This is important as they are valuable and cannot be created faster if lost or killed.

Explanation how to make a librarian villager

Now that you know the 12 steps on how to make a librarian villager, let’s go through the explanation. The idea behind having a librarian villager is to acquire enchanted books and trade them with emeralds. Making tutorial videos have become a popular trend due to the addition of tutorials in Minecraft that allow players to learn more about the game. Villager trading systems have been utilized by players, and it has been shown that they can be very profitable. With this article, we hope you can now add a new aspect to your Minecraft gaming experience.

Tips and Tricks how to make a librarian villager

1. Patience is key

Making a librarian villager may take time, so make sure you have enough time to wait for the village librarian to lose their profession.

2. Use at least five bookcases

As the number of bookcases increases around the lectern, the chances of getting high level enchantments increase. Use at least five bookcases to ensure that a villager’s trades are beneficial to the player.

3. Trade with the Villagers

Trading with villagers will help to keep them afloat and trading with them will level them up.

4. Protect your Villagers

Ensure that your villagers are safe by putting up walls or fencing to guarantee their safety from hostile mobs.

5. Keep the Villagers close

Creating a trading hall to keep the villagers together and contained can help you manage them better and keep them safe.

6. Keep the Profession Items Intact

Ensure that the village professional workstation, lecterns, or other such items are not destroyed, as these items can come in handy in the future.

7. Create Enough Space for your Villagers

Ensure that you have enough living space for the villagers as they require certain specific conditions to refresh their profession.

8. Use nametags to identify Villagers

Naming your villagers using nametags can help to differentiate between different villagers and help to identify them quickly.

9. Create a Mob-proof Zone

Creating a mob-proof zone can ensure your villagers are safe from zombies or other hostile mobs.

10. Follow Tutorials

Finally, follow tutorials and guides such as this one to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages: How to Make a Librarian Villager


1. Access to books: By making a librarian villager, you can access a wide variety of books without having to travel far. This is especially useful for players who like to collect rare or powerful enchantment books.

2. Trading opportunities: Librarian villagers offer a unique set of trades that can be very profitable for players. You can trade emeralds for enchanted books, written books, and other valuable items.

3. Easy to create: Making a librarian villager is relatively easy and requires only a few simple steps. All you need is a villager and a lectern block.

4. Can be customized: You can rename your librarian villager and change their profession by breaking and placing a new work station nearby. This can add a personal touch to your gameplay and make your librarian feel unique.

5. Supports the village ecosystem: By creating a librarian villager, you are helping to support the overall ecosystem of the village. This can lead to better trades with other villagers and a stronger community overall.

6. Provides a sense of accomplishment: Successfully creating a librarian villager can provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment for players who enjoy building and creating.

7. Can be used for multiple purposes: In addition to trading, librarian villagers can also be used to produce written books, maps, and other useful items.

8. Can improve gameplay: By providing access to rare and powerful enchantment books, librarian villagers can improve overall gameplay for players who enjoy combat, exploration, or building.

9. Enhances game lore: Having a librarian villager creates a sense of immersion in the game world and enhances the overall lore of Minecraft.

10. Promotes creativity: By providing access to a variety of books, librarian villagers can inspire players to be more creative in their builds, designs, and playstyles.


1. Requires resources: To create a librarian villager, you need to have access to a villager and a lectern block. This can be difficult to obtain in early-game situations.

2. Time-consuming: It can take a lot of time to create a librarian villager, especially if you have to find a villager and transport them to your base.

3. RNG-dependent: The trades offered by librarian villagers are randomized, so it can take a while to get the items you want. This can be frustrating for players who are looking for specific enchantment books or other items.

4. Can be expensive: Some of the trades offered by librarian villagers can be quite expensive, requiring multiple emeralds or rare items.

5. Can be overpowered: Depending on the specific trades offered, librarian villagers can be a bit overpowered. This can make the game feel less challenging and can take away from the overall experience.

6. May not fit with gameplay style: Some players may not enjoy the trading-focused gameplay that comes with having a librarian villager.

7. Requires space: To create a librarian villager, you need to have space for a lectern block and a bed for the villager to sleep in.

8. Requires protection: If you want to ensure that your librarian villager stays safe, you may need to build additional defenses or structures to protect them from monsters or other threats.

9. Can change the village dynamic: Creating a librarian villager can change the overall dynamic of the village, making it more focused on trading and less on other activities.

10. Requires upkeep: To ensure that your librarian villager continues to offer good trades, you may need to periodically restock their work station with new items.


1. What is a librarian villager?

A librarian villager is a type of villager in Minecraft that trades various items related to books and paper.

2. Can any villager become a librarian?

No, only Villagers with the “Librarian” profession can become librarians.

3. How do I know if a villager is a librarian?

The librarian villager wears a white apron and has a long nose.

4. What items does a librarian villager trade?

A librarian villager can trade items such as books, paper, bookshelves, and enchanted books.

5. How do I make a librarian villager?

To make a villager into a librarian, simply place down a Lectern and wait for a villager to claim it as their workstation. Over time, they will become a librarian.

6. Do I need a special item to make a librarian villager?

No, you do not need any special item to make a librarian villager. You only need to create a workstation for them to use.

7. How do I get a Lectern?

A Lectern can be crafted using 4 wooden slabs and 1 bookshelf.

8. Can I move a librarian villager once they have claimed a workstation?

Yes, you can move a librarian villager by breaking their Lectern and placing it in a new location. They will eventually claim the new workstation.

9. How do I trade with a librarian villager?

To trade with a librarian villager, right-click on them to open their trading menu and select the item you wish to trade for.

10. What is the easiest way to get emeralds to trade with a librarian villager?

You can obtain emeralds by mining or trading with other villagers. You can also find emeralds in chests within structures such as Villages and Mineshafts.

11. Can I get more than one enchanted book from a librarian villager?

Yes, you can trade with a librarian villager multiple times to obtain different enchanted books.

12. Can I enchant items using the enchanted books I obtained from a librarian villager?

Yes, you can use enchanted books to enchant various items on an Enchantment Table or anvil.

13. Can I breed librarian villagers?

Yes, you can breed librarians villagers by providing them with food such as bread or potatoes. Once they breed, the baby villager will have a chance of becoming a librarian as well.

Conclusion: How to Make a Librarian Villager

In Minecraft, villagers are non-player characters that players can interact with and trade items. There are different types of villagers ranging from farmers, butchers, and blacksmiths to librarians. A librarian villager is a valuable NPC to have because they can trade enchanted books, which are useful in advancing your gameplay. If you want to know how to make a librarian villager, here are the steps to follow.

Firstly, find a village. Villages are easy to spot because of their buildings and the presence of villagers. You can search for villages while exploring the Minecraft world. Villages spawn in different biomes, such as plains, savannahs, deserts, and taigas. Once you locate a village, make sure to light up the area and protect the villagers from hostile mobs.

Secondly, locate the librarian villager. Villagers have jobs, and each has a specific workstation. The librarian villager has a lectern as its workstation. The lectern has bookshelves on its side. You can find the librarian villager by looking for the house that has a lectern with bookshelves on each side. The librarian villager wears a brown robe and carries a book.

Thirdly, trade with the librarian villager. Before you can unlock the librarian villager’s enchanted book trades, you need to trade with them first using emeralds. A librarian villager will offer you different trades depending on their level, which you can increase by trading with them. The first-level enchanted book trade requires one emerald and one book to unlock. Keep trading with them until you unlock the desired enchanted book.

Lastly, you can breed new villagers. Villagers breed when there are enough beds, food (bread, carrots, or potatoes), and space in the village. Make sure to have some spare beds, food, and a fenced area to keep the villagers safe. Once the baby villager grows up, they will take on the profession of their parents. So, if you want more librarian villagers, make sure to breed them!

Closing: How to Make a Librarian Villager

Making a librarian villager in Minecraft is easy and straightforward. Firstly, you need to locate a village, then find the librarian villager by identifying their workstation and brown robe. Secondly, trade with the librarian villager using emeralds and unlock enchanted book trades. Lastly, breed new villagers to increase your librarian villager population. Having librarian villagers in your Minecraft world is essential for obtaining enchanted books, which can give you a competitive edge in the game. We hope that this article helps you in making librarian villagers and exploring the fascinating world of Minecraft. Until next time, enjoy playing Minecraft!