How to Create a Folder in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hello and welcome! In this article, we will guide you on how to make a folder in Google Docs. Google Docs is a popular cloud-based word processing system that allows users to collaborate and work on documents in real-time from any location. Creating a specific folder to organize your files will help you manage your documents efficiently. So, whether you are an individual user or a team leader, creating a folder in Google Docs is a helpful and straightforward process.

Steps: How to make a folder in Google Docs

Step 1: Open your Google Drive

Firstly, open your Google Drive account by visiting the website ( and sign in using your Google account credentials.

Step 2: Click on “New” button

Click on the “New” button on the left corner and select “Folder” from the dropdown list.

Step 3: Rename the Folder

A new folder will appear on your screen. Rename the folder according to your preference by clicking on “Untitled folder” and typing in the name you want to use.

Step 4: Add Files to the Folder

To add documents to the newly created folder, click on the checkbox next to the file names, click the “Move” button from the tool-bar, and select the folder from the dropdown list.

Step 5: Move Files to the Folder

You can also move the files to the folder by simply dragging and dropping them into the folder.

Step 6: Create Subfolders

You can also create sub-folders within the main folder by selecting the folder that you want to create a sub-folder in and then clicking on “New folder.”

Step 7: Share with Others

Once you have created the folder(s), you can share it with others by clicking on the “Share” button. You can select the users or groups you want to share it with and choose their level of access.

Step 8: Manage Sharing and Access Permissions

You can also manage the level of access permissions given to each user or group. Users can view, comment, or edit the documents within the folder according to the level of permission they are given.

Step 9: Add Folders to Your Starred List

You can also add folders to your starred list by right-clicking on the folder and selecting the “Add to starred” option. The folder will appear in the “Starred” section for easy access.

Step 10: Remove Document from Folder

Removing a document from a folder is quick and easy, you just need to select the document and click on the “Remove” button.

Step 11: Delete Folder

If you want to remove the entire folder, you can delete it by clicking on the folder, clicking the three dots in the menu bar, and selecting “Remove.”

Step 12: Access Folders on Multiple Devices

Finally, with just one Google account, you can access your folders and documents on multiple devices, such as your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Explanation: How to make a folder in Google Docs

Organizing documents is crucial for collaboration, productivity, and managing your workload. In Google Docs, creating a folder is easy and only takes a few simple steps. The system will help you manage your files more efficiently by keeping them organized and easy to find. By following the steps we outlined above, you’ll be able to create a folder and share it with your colleagues in no time.

One of the most significant benefits of Google Docs is its real-time collaboration features; which means that you and your team members can work simultaneously on a document, access it from anywhere in the world, and make edits together. By creating folders for different projects, teams, or timeframes, you can quickly and easily locate the files, making your workflow more efficient.

Tips and Tricks: How to make a folder in Google Docs

Here are some additional tips and tricks for creating and managing your Google Docs folders:

1. Use Folders to Organize Your Work

Creating dedicated folders for each project will help you find your files easily and quickly. Name your related folders by topic, client, or by date to make it easier to find your files.

2. Use Labels to Categorize Your Documents

You can color-code your folders to make them more recognizable, helpful when you’re managing projects with more than one user.

3. Use the “Sort” Feature

The sorting feature will help you arrange your files in date order, name, owner, or type so that you can access them in the way you want and in the most efficient order.

4. Share with Specific People

Sharing your folders with specific users instead of sharing them publicly is a better option to ensure that your files are secure.

5. Use the Search Option

Finding a document in a folder with many files can be challenging. Use the search option to find the particular document or folder you require.

6. Archive Unused Folders

When a project is completed or a document is no longer in use, you can move it to the archive folder to keep it for future reference, freeing up space in your main folder view.

7. Keep Your Folders Clean

Maintain a folder that is easy to navigate by removing duplicate or unnecessary documents regularly.

8. Add Descriptive File Names

Rename your files to ensure that their names clearly describe their contents, which will help other users understand the content of the document.

9. Name Folders to Reflect Their Content

The name of the folder should be concise and should represent the contents of the folder as accurately as possible.

10. Use a Consistent Structure

Use a consistent structure, for example, file names or box sizes, so that it is easy to navigate your documents.

In conclusion, creating a folder in Google Docs is an easy process that can help you manage your workload effectively. Use the tips and tricks to enhance your experience, and you’ll have everything well-organized and efficient in no time. So, start putting these steps into practice, and you will be on your way to becoming a Google Docs Folder Master!

Advantages and Disadvantages of How to Make a Folder in Google Docs


1. Organized Workspace: Creating folders in Google Docs helps you keep your work organized and easy to find. You can group similar documents together and locate them quickly when you need them.

2. Collaboration: Folders in Google Docs allow you to share files and collaborate with others. You can set permissions for individual folders, so you have more control over who has access to your documents.

3. Accessible Anywhere: Google Docs is cloud-based, which means you can access your files anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Folders make it easier to find and open your documents from any device.

4. Easy to Use: Creating a folder in Google Docs is quick and easy. You can organize your documents with just a few clicks and always keep your workspace clean and streamlined.

5. Backup and Recovery: Folders in Google Docs serve as a backup for your work. If your computer crashes, you don’t have to worry about losing your files. They are saved in the cloud and can be accessed from another device.

6. Automatic Syncing: Google Docs automatically syncs your folders and files between devices, so you always have the latest version of your work available.

7. Save Storage Space: By creating folders in Google Docs, you can save storage space on your computer or device. Instead of saving multiple copies of a document on your hard drive, you can keep everything in the cloud.

8. Environmental Benefits: By using cloud-based storage and collaboration, you can reduce paper usage and contribute to a more environmentally-friendly workspace.

9. Cost-Effective: Google Docs is free to use, and creating folders costs nothing. It is a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike looking to organize their documents.

10. Customizable: You can customize your folders in Google Docs by adding color-coded labels or renaming them to suit your needs and preferences.


1. Internet Connection Required: To access your folders in Google Docs, an internet connection is required. If you are in an area with poor connectivity or no connectivity, you may not be able to access your files.

2. Security Concerns: Storing your documents in the cloud can raise security concerns, as they can be vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. It is important to take measures to protect your data and ensure your folders are secure.

3. Learning Curve: Learning how to create and manage folders in Google Docs may take some time, especially if you are new to the platform.

4. Compatibility Issues: Google Docs may not be compatible with all file formats. You may have to convert some files to a compatible format or use another program to open them.

5. Limited Functionality: While Google Docs offers many features, it may not have the full functionality of other programs. You may need to use other software for certain tasks.

6. Dependence on Google: By relying on Google Docs for your document management and organization, you become dependent on the platform. If Google experiences an outage or discontinues the service, you may be left with limited or no access to your files.

7. Limited Control: Although you can set permissions for individual folders, you have limited control over who can access your files. This can be a concern if you have sensitive or confidential information.

8. Account Issues: If you have issues accessing your Google account, you may not be able to access your files. This can be a problem if you need to access an important document urgently.

9. Privacy Concerns: Storing your documents in the cloud means they are subject to Google’s privacy policies. You may not have complete control over how your data is used or shared.

10. Lack of Offline Access: Without an internet connection, you cannot access your folders in Google Docs. This can be an issue if you need to work on a document while offline.


1. How do I create a new folder in Google Docs?

To create a new folder in Google Docs, simply click the “New” button in the upper-left corner of the screen and select “Folder” from the drop-down menu. Give your folder a name and click “Create”.

2. Can I move existing files into a folder?

Yes, you can easily move existing files into a folder by clicking and dragging them into the desired folder. You can also select multiple files at once and move them together.

3. How do I organize my folders?

You can organize your folders by nesting them within each other to create a hierarchy. Simply drag and drop a folder onto another folder to make it a sub-folder. You can also rename or delete folders as needed.

4. Can I share a folder with others?

Yes, you can share a folder with others by clicking the “Share” button within the folder. You can then enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the folder with and choose their level of access.

5. What are the different levels of access?

The different levels of access are “Editor”, “Viewer”, and “Commenter”. Editors can make changes to the folder and its contents, Viewers can only view the folder, and Commenters can leave comments on the files within the folder.

6. Can I change the ownership of a folder?

Yes, you can change the ownership of a folder by clicking the “Share” button within the folder and changing the owner’s email address.

7. Can I access my folders from different devices?

Yes, as long as you are signed in to your Google account, you can access your folders from any device with internet access.

8. Can I download a folder?

Yes, you can download a folder by right-clicking on it and selecting “Download”.

9. Can I upload a folder?

Yes, you can upload a folder by clicking the “New” button and selecting “Folder upload”. This will allow you to select a folder from your computer to upload to Google Docs.

10. Can I add a password to a folder?

No, you cannot add a password to a folder in Google Docs. However, you can control who has access to the folder by adjusting the sharing settings.

11. Can I move a file from one folder to another?

Yes, simply click and drag the file from one folder to another or use the “Move to” option in the file’s drop-down menu.

12. Can I delete a folder?

Yes, you can delete a folder by right-clicking on it and selecting “Remove”. This will delete the folder and its contents.

13. Can I recover a deleted folder?

Yes, you can recover a deleted folder by clicking on the “Trash” icon in the left sidebar and selecting the folder you want to recover. Then, simply click “Restore” to recover the folder and its contents.

Creating folders in Google Docs can make organizing your documents much easier. Not only can you keep your work organized, but it is an efficient way to share multiple files at once. Follow these simple steps to learn how to make a folder in Google Docs.

The first thing that you need to do is log in to your Google Drive account. This can be done by visiting the Google Drive website and then entering your email address and password. Once you are signed in, click on the “New” button located at the top left of the page. This will give you a dropdown menu that includes “Folder”. Click on folder to begin creating your new folder.

A new window will open, prompting you to name your new folder. Choose a name that is easy to remember and accurately reflects the contents of the folder. Once you have decided on a name, type it in the textbox provided and press “Create”. Your new folder will immediately appear in your Google Drive folder list.

To add documents to your folder, you can either drag and drop them from your existing files list or right-click the document and select “Move to”. This will give you a dropdown menu that includes all of your folders. Simply select the folder that you want to move the document to and press “Move”. The document will then be removed from its current location and added to the folder you selected.

Conclusion how to make a folder in google docs

Making a folder in Google Docs is a simple process that can be done in just a few clicks. It is an efficient way to keep your documents organized and easy to access. By using folders, you can also share multiple files at once with others, making collaboration much easier. Try creating a few folders in your Google Drive account today and see how much easier it can make your work.

Closing how to make a folder in google docs

Thank you for taking the time to learn about how to make a folder in Google Docs. We hope that this article has been informative and helpful. Remember that with a little bit of effort, you can keep your work organized and accessible at all times. Don’t hesitate to explore the many features that Google Drive has to offer to improve your workflow and increase your productivity. Until next time, happy organizing!