Road Trip To Enjoy New Zealand

Splitting the mountain and the natural surroundings with a view that always manages to spoil the eye, we drive the car on a smooth road. Almost always straight and goes without a hitch. Not forgetting music always accompanies all the way. Meanwhile, the outside temperature is quite cold, making us really enjoy a glass of chocolate or hot coffee that we occasionally sipping little by little accompany all the way. Scrumptious ?? Yet! That’s what I felt when I finally felt the road trip in New Zealand.

And based on that experience, so when asked what is recommended when in New Zealand, I always answer ‘walk-trip’ is! 😀 New Zealand offers breathtaking scenery. Almost all the way from one city to another, we will always find a monotonous view … beautiful monoton alias all beautiful

New Zealand itself is a country that is very supportive of tourism in a road trip. It is possible for us to rent a car from town A but back in town B, without the need to return to the city of A. It is even possible to return the car on a different island. 😀

Flexible! That’s the main reason why I recommend to try a road trip in New Zealand. With the many beautiful places that lie in New Zealand, if we drive a car alone we can definitely stop anytime anywhere depending on our wishes, of course in a safe place yes. Imagine, if for example a public bus ride so, if you are passing through areas with extraordinary scenery, we can only shout in the heart, then fitting to photographs, fit nyiapin camera, ehh .. is too far! Hehehe…

Tired?  My experience driving a car there hundreds of miles does not feel tired what-how, except pegel because most are sitting. After all, if you already feel tired so, can pause to just straighten the body or photographs as well for example. Yes, time trip to New Zealand is my one and only driver.., in the sense there is no tandem to drive in turn. It’s been so when I select a car with a manual transmission, do not experience the same car matic 😛 Maybe not feel tired because despite traveling far, there almost never hit the brakes, the street is relatively quiet empty. 😀 * Unless it’s in the city yes .. *

Along the road trip in New Zealand we will often find small towns that exist among the mountains or hills in New Zealand. A small town made up of people’s homes with small shops along the highway. Sometimes there is a small refueling station or a small shop selling food.

When driving a car split the small town area they will, we certainly have to reduce the speed up to a maximum of 50 km / hour. Traffic signs showing speed limits really help us tell whether we’re going to enter the city area or not.

The recommended maximum speed is 100 km / h. A few kilometers before entering the small town / residential area, there will be a beacon that regulates the maximum speed is 80 km / h. Afterwards, when it is really going to get into the city area there will be a maximum speed beam is 50 km / hour. Similarly when going out of town, there will be a sequential beacon starting from when we are allowed to drive the car up to 80 km / h, continue until the last sign is 100 km / h, or means step on gas again! 😀 Keep up the pattern. 🙂

Roadtrip route

On the sites of New Zealand tourist information providers, there is a lot of roadtrip route information that we can make inspiration. Complete with the estimated time of the roadtrip, how many kilometers, how many days, all aturable really. With limited time off work, we decided to make a road trip in South Island, with the following routes:

Christchurch – Lake Tekapo: 200++ km distance with an estimated time of 3-4 hours
Lake Tekapo – Lake Pukaki – Queenstown: a distance of 250 km with an estimated time of 3-4 hours
Queenstown – Lake Te Anau: a distance of 200 km with an estimated time of 2 -3 hours
Lake Te Anau – Queenstown: same as above
We rented a car starting from Christchurch and returned the car in Queenstown city because the next itinerary is flying to Wellington on the North Island. When renting a car, we are picked up at the airport by the rental to be escorted to the rental office located quite close to the airport. Similarly, when delivering a car in Queenstown, from our rental car office transfer to the airport. Service is so, fun right? 🙂