Itinerary Kuala Lumpur In One Day

“Any ideas not, where’s the fun?”, “Can ya do it there?” Questions like this or the like could be one of the most frequently asked questions to me. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of this neighboring country in my opinion has become one of the favorite transit city of the traveler from Indonesia. Therefore, questions like the beginning are often asked, especially from people who are just transiting and have no more than 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur.

Then what is the answer to that question? Well, in this post I want to share some tips and ideas to be able to enjoy the city of Kuala Lumpur in a short time. Let’s just say we only have less than 24 hours there, but still can enjoy the attractions of Kuala Lumpur is ‘mandatory’. So too mainstream ?? Yes mangap .., it is usually the mainstream that’s typical right? 😀

Petronas Twin Tower from KLCC Park

or select in the evening? 😀

Bukit Bintang

If asked in Kuala Lumpur the most comfortable stay in which area, I still often advise in the area of ​​Bukit Bintang ya. Bukit Bintang area is arguably one of the main hubs in Kuala Lumpur, especially for tourists. The choice of lodging ranging from hostels to star hotels is also quite a lot in this area. The last time I played to Kuala Lumpur, look for a hotel directly on the spot – upon arrival in Bukit Bintang area. Eh fortunately can dapet lodging according to the budget. Yes .. even though got in and out 2-3 other hotels before met matching 🙂 Males ribet? Can really booking hotel online, many choices! 😀

Bukit Bintang area is also known as one of the shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur. There will be plenty of shops to the malls along this Bukit Bintang street. Do not miss cafes or restaurants. So do not worry to find a meal here, even though the choice of eating is mostly mall-style food. For the price yes adjust it yes, hehehe …

Petronas Twin Tower & Suria KLCC Mall

Well, mandatory tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur must be Petronas Twin Tower. The twin towers are a must for the first traveler to Kuala Lumpur. The building belongs to the Malaysian oil company has become an icon of Kuala Lumpur is very strong. So, stop by to Petronas Twin Tower is yes .. No need to go inside, just photographs in the surrounding park. Save, free, economical, exist! 😀

Visiting Petronas Twin Tower can be done in the morning or also at night. Whether in the morning or in the evening they both offer interesting views of the Petronas building.

In the ‘foot’ of Petronas Twin Tower is Suria KLCC Mall. What is it? Yes like most malls. Department Store, Restaurant, Cafe, etc. It’s okay to stop here if you want to ngadem in the mall. Do not preoccupy linger hanging out here, ntar time out! Hehehe…

In front of the Mall overlooking KLCC Park (Kuala Lumpur City Center), there is a pool called Lake Symphony. If the night, in this pond there is a fountain show so. Cool and quite entertaining koq. And the important thing … can be enjoyed free. 🙂

dancing fountain in front of Petronas Twin Tower

KL Tower

KL Tower is an antenna transmitter tower used by TV / Radio. And like most other transmitter towers, in KL Tower this can be used as a tourist attraction is quite frugal. The main attraction is the 360 ​​degree view of Kuala Lumpur city from the heights. Surely there are a number of fees to pay to get into the observation floor or sky deck at the top. Good day or night? Back again, this is a personal preference yes, more where, day scene or night scene. 😀

Alor Street

Still in area of ​​Bukit Bintang, can also stop by Alor Street if you want culinary tour of Kuala Lumpur style. Unlike the dining place in Bukit Bintang, in Alor Street is more to the roadside stalls. Recommended really to find dinner in this Alor Street area. As the day began to darken, more and more food vendors sprang up hawking food on either side of the street. The more the night gets crowded.

OK, the 4 locations above are Kuala Lumpur attractions which I think can be visited if we only have 1 day in Kuala Lumpur. Location of these attractions are still close, located in around Bukit Bintang itself. What can be done on foot? Can be really, because I’ve done it koq. Tired? Yes if the road continues to be tired, but if while enjoying the atmosphere around, stop by for a while, hanging out for a while, it can still be taken with a leisurely walk.

Still have more time? Or do you want to skip one of the objects above? It’s okay to look at 2 other objects that I think can be visited as well while in Kuala Lumpur.

Petaling Street

Another option for shopping in Kuala Lumpur is Petaling Street. Unlike the Bukit Bintang area crammed with shops of world brands, Petaling Street is more a kind of folk market. Aselinya Petaling Street is a kind of China Town, so do not be surprised if many find a place to eat a la Chinese Food here. In addition to kulinter tours, in Petaling Street we can also shop for shopping. Starting from t-shirts, bags, shoes, until other knick knacks, can easily be found here. Who want to souvenir in Kuala Lumpur, may come by Petaling Street. Remember, the price is still negotiable! 😉

Petaling Street location is also not too far from the Bukit Bintang area. Walk by foot also still can still. Remember yes, walking his legs relaxed aja, hehehe …

Petaling Street – Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves

One more mainstream object in Kuala Lumpur is Batu Caves. Its location is quite far in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Do not worry, though far enough, to get to Batu Caves is quite easy. Can use the MRT take a major to Batu Caves, already deh sit sweet until the final destination in Batu Caves itself. 🙂 I will not write much about Batu Caves here, because I have told you a little about Batu Caves here.

Batu Caves – Kuala Lumpur

Well, is not it? To fill the time for approximately 1 daily in Kuala Lumpur, I think the choice of attractions above is quite koq. In fact, if you want to be visited by all, it seems not going to be enough in 1 day, so please be selected only which attractions are approximately suitable time.

So do not be confused anymore yes, if there is a chance transit in Kuala Lumpur, not much time, then want to go anywhere?

Hopefully can help!