Katong, Other Tourist Areas In Singapore

Usually …, if I do not remember the narrowness of time while traveling, I can spend hours just to observe the scene in front of the eye at that time. Whether the landscape, the city scene to the activities of the local community. Sitting in a comfortable place, plus a travel mate and a cup of coffee, complete it right? Well, talking about observing the local people, it turns out that in Singapore there is a very different area from other mainstream areas in Singapore that I have known. He cried out because of his local community.

Take an example from the Bugis, Little India, Chinatown or Orchard Road areas, I rarely encounter the interaction of the local community, except for the interaction at the dinner table in a restaurant. Most of the looks are all busy each, whether shopping, small meetings, hang-out at the mall, or even busy trade. This is my personal opinion yes ..

A very different thing I can meet in an area in Singapore that may have been so unfamiliar in the ears of the Indonesian people. Call it Katong, an area only about 30 minutes from Changi Airport, located in the Southeastern part of the country of Singapore. Fortunately a relative introduced me to this Katong area. Being around 3 days and 2 nights there, I had a very pleasant experience. This is the “friendly” side of a country with Singapore. 🙂

In this post, I tell you to stay at Grand Mercure Roxy right? Well, this hotel is located in the middle of Katong area. On the opposite side of the hotel is the East Coast Park area, while on the rear there is a modern shopping district adjoining the old town of Katong. In the old part of the city, it will be very easy to find buildings-building of cultural heritage whose architecture is a relic of Peranakan culture in Singapore. (Peranakan here refers to local Chinese or Malay)

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a long-standing recreational park on the southeastern coast of Singapore. His name is park, it certainly offers a lot of outdoor activities huh. It was fun to feel the atmosphere of active, cheerful and excited laughter around East Coast Park. Local people gather together here, whether with friends or family, can interact without burden. Young old age, parents, students to small children, all here. A rare sight that I have never encountered during a play to Singapore so far. Exciting!

A large field is located on the East Coast Park. Various kinds of physical activities can easily be encountered here. Almost half the side of the field is surrounded by restaurants and cafes and bathroom facilities that visitors can use for free. So do not worry about drinking food issues until the area is clean. Then in the south and southeast of East Coast Park stretches the white sand beach of Singapore. Rarely do you play on the beach a la Singapore? (other than on Sentosa Island)

On the beach is not less interesting. Can we really bring mats like a mat, then sitting sitting pretty on the beach, relaxed because again on the beach. 😀 The scenery is quite unique on the East Coast coast is a lot of large ships seen parked and passing in the Singapore sea.

Oh yes, prior to the beach area, we also passed a fairly wide jogging track. No less exciting, here also we can find the local community to exercise together. The run is, the difference, inline skate or just a leisurely stroll with a pet dog. Somehow this kind of scenery can bring positive energy for me. So it feels more relaxed and relaxed than walking in the middle of the city in other parts of Singapore. 🙂

Do not worry, as tourists or visitors there, we can also really enjoy the green side of Singapore. In the East Coast Park there is also a bicycle rental koq. It costs about 8 SGD for a duration of 3 hours. Cus!

Katong and crossbreed Culture

The other side of the Katong area as I have written above is the old city. The mention of this old city is just my own, anyway, because there really is no old town or ‘old town’ in Katong. This is the first image and impression I get when exploring Katong in the crossbreed cultural heritage area.

There is a main road that divides this area where there is quite a contrast between one side and the other. On one side of the street there are many modern buildings that are used as shopping centers, hotels, apartments or the office. While on the other side of the street, alias across, lined buildings of heritage buildings that still looks the original form. This part is what I call the ‘old city’. 🙂

The atmosphere here is certainly not as hectic as any of the other parts of Singapore, although I try to dig into some of the shopping centers here. Is the item less ‘branded’? Not really, all sorts of things are here too.

What is unique here is the cultural heritage of the crossbreed itself. Starting from culinary to crafts. Especially in handicrafts, Peranakan culture here has a unique style of flower in the middle of the box so. This flower pattern is widely implemented into various goods such as cloth, porcelain, webbing, etc. One of these stores that sells handicrafts isĀ  Bebe House. The collection is very interesting and detailed.

There is also a Hindu Temple, Sri Senpaga Vinayagar. What I think somewhat distinguishes this Temple from another Temple in Singapore is the ornament above the entrance. If most of the statues are painted colorfully, here painted only one color, that is yellow. Maybe you can see the photo below for more details. Or maybe someone knows what the top is called?

Special Mall for Manpower Services

One of the other unique things I encountered in Katong is when I entered Katong Shopping Center. From the outside looks like a shopping center in general, it’s just looks showing Shopping Center is not as modern as other malls. When I try to enter, surprised also with the contents of the shopping center. It turns out its contents are dominated by tenant-tenant service providers from various countries.

An unfamiliar sight before my eyes but a common sight there. The providers of labor services are fighting over customers with sentences like “We specialize in Indonesian, Myanmar & Filipino Maids.”, “Fast Arrival, Within a Week!”, “English & Mandarin Speaking.” There are also those who write “Your FAMILY Deserves The BEST! “. In these tenants are also seen a lot of prospective workers who sit neatly complete with uniforms each service provider. The landscape seems to imply that they are ready to be interviewed and selected by the job seeker. Good luck mbak mbak everything !! 😀

In other parts still inside the Katong Shopping Center, can also be found a kind of tenant that provides training for prospective workers. Starting from training ironing, folding clothes to bathe the baby. Do not worry, the baby is wearing a koq doll. Hehehehe …

OK, another magical and unique sight I encountered during this Katong area exploration. 😀 Between funny, amused, excited and pity, mix together. The important thing is to be grateful … 🙂 🙂

Katong Shopping Center – Singapore

the inside of the Katong Shopping Center. selected selected ..

Katong, an area that may still be a foreign name for us, was quite interesting to visit. My choice to make a short trip to a weekend getaway to Katong was not wrong. Pas again feel the need for a vacation for being tired with work at the office, here I really can feel relaxed and relaxed. For a few days here, do not share the Singapore-style rush hour that has been encountered in Singapore’s mainstream areas, hehehe … 😀

You could say the area in Katong is not too broad, so everything is still within walking distance. The leisurely stroll here does not matter anyway, because I feel the atmosphere around support for it. Not in a hurry, just enjoy it. 🙂

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