Explore the Phuket Island and Hunt the Wat

Wake up early, take a shower and check-out directly from the hostel, we go directly to the rental car in Ratsada Road. Walk about 10 minutes away from the hostel. We decided to finally hire a car with consideration because we’ve brought all the luggage, scared when riding a bike so hard bumped.

Rental rates per 24 hours, without gasoline:
1. car (Soluna Matic) – 1000 Baht
2. motor matic – 250 Baht
3. manual motor (ordinary duck) – 150 baht

There is no need for International Driving License to be able to rent a car there. Condition is enough show your driver lisence, then give your PASPOR (who will driving) for guarantee. For the car, the rent is only for cars. excluding gasoline and driver alias own driver. The rental system, the first time we are handed the car keys, the gas tank is in full condition, tomorrow the return must also be re filled full.

OK, the second day starts from a stray trip either to a Wat we do not know his name! :)) Actually we are looking for Wat Phranang Sang in Thalang Town area. The first stop, stop by Wat who We Do not Know His Name.

From this Wat we continue the journey and finally find Wat Phranang Sang the real! Apparently Wat Phranang Sang is located on the side of the road that we’ve never ngelewatin before! :))

What is unique from Wat Phranang Sang is the statue of the great Kwan Im Goddess in the middle of the trees so. But unfortunately still not bamboo forest …! There are also small Buddha statues per day name (Monday to Sunday).

After from Wat Phranang Sang, we continue to Wat Phratong whose location is still in the area of ​​Talang.

We do not get into the main building in Wat Phratong, because inside is being used for the ceremony / ritual so.

In the afternoon, we go straight to Patong, precisely to the food court in Banzaan market. The main purpose here is looking for lunch. Banzaan fresh market is located behind Jungceylon Mall, the only Mall that is here. We parked in Jungceylon here. Here is the first time we pay for parking rates in Phuket! 😀 Jungceylon like most mall buildings, but because the only Mall so it seems obliged to visit also.

At Banzaan Fresh Market, the food court is located on the top floor. Here nih if you want to eat cheap with a portion of good portion! Once ate and drank only 35-45 Baht. The system, we must deposit first, up to how tens or hundreds Baht. Next we will be given a card to be used as a payment transaction on food counter2. Later if there are leftovers, we tuck the card with the remaining money. Not too simple, but quite easy … 🙂

Selesei lunch, we continue the trip to Wat Chalong. It could be said that Wat Chalong is the largest Wat in Phuket. And true, feels once Vesak celebration in Wat Chalong this. There are some great buildings that can be visited here. Unfortunately there is 1 building which again renovated our time to get there. 🙁 less deh 1 spot for nampang2 in front of him

Satisfied from Wat Chalong, by chance time rada afternoon, we immediately moved the spot to Promthep Cape. Its location is in the southern part of Phuket island itself. Promthep Cape is famous as a place to see the sunset aka Sunset View Point.

In this Cape Promthep there is a kind of souvenir shop so. Sempet buy shirts here. Price is about 150 Baht, white shirt but good material.

From Promthep Cape we return again to Patong area close to Jungceylon earlier. The area here is indeed one of the crowds in Patong. Aselinya main goal back to the area here is clay BANCI! That’s a sissy yes kind of lady boy … and it seems we are misplaced, on the right and left even a sissy sexy! : hammer: In the area here, we sempet looking for eating malem and eating sea food cooked Thai-style spices.

Oh yeah, earlier in Kamala Beach we stopped for a while and looked for ferry information for the crossing to Phi-Phi the next morning. Finally after several times the price survey, we get a deal price 350 Baht / person for 1 x crossing Phuket-Phi2. The price includes a pickup facility in a promised location. Because we are still nomadic, we agreement at Phuket Backpacker Hostel, the front means! 😀

Well, because the car we rent is for 24 HOURS, then we decided to sleep by the roadside, in the car park!  But, considering the battery life, cameras etc. are on thinning, we finally decided to stop by to McD in front of Patong beach which is open 24 hours.