Namaste Nepal

“Ctak! Ctak! Ctak! “As soon as the sound of seat belts was released, they were shooting out from all corners of the plane cabin, just as the plane’s wheels had just hit the runway of Kathmandu, Nepal. At the time the plane was still speeding fast, people were immediately busy standing up and would open the cabin luggage cover.

The steward and stewardesses immediately stood up shouting “Sit down, please, sir!” With a loud voice, the cabin crew was seen trying to ‘calm’ the passengers who seemed to be impatient to get up and get out of the plane (whereas the plane has not stopped!).

We are quite surprise with such scenery, just can tinker with each other. Gawking, bewildered mixed amusement into one. Hahaha … Welcome to Nepal, guys !!

Namaste Nepal! * while shaking head *

Having a chance to travel in Nepal for about 1 week, made me feel a lot of unique and exciting experiences. The incident on the plane that I told you at the beginning was just one example of the many stories I got there. Probably will not be able to accommodate all, but in this post I try to share the stories of some unique experiences that I felt during traveling in Nepal. For details of other stories can be read in the next post about Nepal yakk … 😀

Unusual Time
Experiencing the time difference from our hometown is already common yes, especially if we go far enough. The time difference of 1 hour, 3 hours or even 12 hours may not be a strange thing. How about the time difference until the minute unit? 😀

Nepal is a country with time unit GMT + 5:45, meaning time in Los Angeles is faster 13 hour 45 minutes. While in Los Angeles at 7 am, in Nepal the time was 17.15 pm (Previous day). How strange? Yes it is so 😀 Why? Can try to read a brief explanation here yes.

There is no Milk & Cheese, Kathmandu town is very dusty
First impression of seeing the city of Kathmandu is … dry and dusty at all! Looks like this city of Kathmandu is doing a massive development. The improvement of the pedestrian path, the repair of the highway, etc. became a common sight at the time. As far as the eye can not see there is a bright building, which is dull like as a result of a lot of dust, especially on the edges of the highway. Not a few people passing by using a mask here.

Actually not all parts of Kathmandu are so dusty. In the eastern part of Kathmandu, it looks pretty clean and neat. At that time it was said to be because the development in the eastern region is complete. Fortunately we chose to stay in the tourist center of Kathmandu city near the Thamel Area, an area that is being built and tidied up. 🙂

** Kathmandu is the state capital of Nepal, Noted!

Cow On the Road
Do not be surprised if you see the cows sleeping in the middle of the road. Yes, in the middle of the highway! Automatically the road users will avoid the cow TSB. Do you know if the Cow is an animal that is considered sacred to the teachings of Hinduism? Well, in Nepal itself Hinduism is the largest religion of its population. So it makes sense why not? 😀

Even extreme, it seems safer cow that is in the middle of the road than the human itself. Watch-out!

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