The Highlights of Sydney and New South Wales, Australia

When I travel to the southern hemisphere of this beloved earth, actually the first country that I visit is not New Zealand, but Australia you know. How come? Initially I bought a flight ticket from Singapore to Auckland in the form of direct flights, not transit. But suddenly a few months before the H day, I was told if there was a change of flight schedule where my flight was converted into a one-way transit flight in Australia, precisely in the city of Melbourne.

Long story short, I was just transiting in Melbourne, did not get out of the airport. Any friends who know if I just transiting most of them always ask, why do not all of them drop by itung-itung nyicipin Australia even though only a few days. Especially the reason if not for a short time, think brayy leave … Yes times the name ‘Leave’ it can be bought, I have bought from the first. For business money, thank goodness does not become a barrier for me to walk.

Starting from setting foot for a few hours on the continent kangaroo they will be, I started to googling fun, read-read blog friends, what’s wrong in Australia this? Wakkks, there are many! More and more read more aja nyesek aja why not baseball all explore Australia. Especially now there are some friends I was undergoing the WHV (Working Holiday Visa) in Australia. Looking at the social media they show off the photos and stories cried in Australia, ah .. the headache of nutmeg berbie, cenut so. 😳 😳


Skydiving is one of the things that entered my bucket list for a long time, and it turns out that in Sydney it can really do Skydiving. The exact location is above the North Wollongong beach. So while plunging sauce looking at the coastline from a height of 14 thousand feet, ahhh … surely we will be served spectacular scenery well! Wish me luck! * crossed finger *

The Blue Mountains is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Region sites located just a short distance from Sydney, less than 2 hours away, pretty close by. If from the pictures hell really storm kece. What I want to do is … towards the top of his view point, then coffee-coffee beautiful. Already, ga grandiose. Seeing the incredible view in front of the eyes while admiring the beauty of his creation was incredible, priceless! Especially if you add a glass of warm Latte.


The mountain is already, the sky is, now it’s beach time! The next destination I will visit is Lord Howe Island. The distance is quite far away, about 600km east of the city of Sydney. But calmly, there are Qantas aircraft that not only serve the route Los Angeles – Sydney, Sydney – Lord Howe route flights exist. It’s easy!?

Then, what’s going on? But try deh, if the place kind of small heaven in the world so, who can reject?

Sydney City Tour!

Last but not least, Sydney! Have you played to New South Wales baseball explore the city of Sydney? It’s like eating vegetables without gravy and salt directly goat kebayang As a big city and wide, certainly a lot can be done in this city yes. Starting from culinary tours, shopping tours, historical tours to sightseeing tour around the city.

Culinary at Sydney

I personally demen walk enjoy the city, surely I will not miss the City Tour around the city of Sydney. In my opinion, by walking we will really feel the atmosphere of an area. While walking in the middle of the city can all culinary tours and shopping (condition: if the baggage still fit – hahaha …)

My friend who is currently in Sydney has an assessment that Sydney is a city that loves to hold fireworks festivals, not having to wait for New Year. Almost every week there can be a fireworks festival.

Not only that, the nightlife of the city of Sydney is also very lively. If the night of Sydney becomes very beautiful decorated by the colorful lights, especially when the ongoing Vivid Sydney event. The city of Sydney seems to be turning into a canvas of art performances in open space, beautifully painted using modern lighting.

OK, maybe while my itinerary is as much as it used to be. Now itinerary is now looking for the right time to trip there, Anyone want to invite there?