Katong, Other Tourist Areas In Singapore

Usually …, if I do not remember the narrowness of time while traveling, I can spend hours just to observe the scene in front of the eye at that time. Whether the landscape, the city scene to the activities of the local community. Sitting in a comfortable place, plus a travel mate and a cup of coffee, complete it right? Well, talking about observing the local people, it turns out that in Singapore there is a very different area from other mainstream areas in Singapore that I have known. He cried out because of his local community.

Take an example from the Bugis, Little India, Chinatown or Orchard Road areas, I rarely encounter the interaction of the local community, except for the interaction at the dinner table in a restaurant. Most of the looks are all busy each, whether shopping, small meetings, hang-out at the mall, or even busy trade. This is my personal opinion yes ..

A very different thing I can meet in an area in Singapore that may have been so unfamiliar in the ears of the Indonesian people. Call it Katong, an area only about 30 minutes from Changi Airport, located in the Southeastern part of the country of Singapore. Fortunately a relative introduced me to this Katong area. Being around 3 days and 2 nights there, I had a very pleasant experience. This is the “friendly” side of a country with Singapore. 🙂

In this post, I tell you to stay at Grand Mercure Roxy right? Well, this hotel is located in the middle of Katong area. On the opposite side of the hotel is the East Coast Park area, while on the rear there is a modern shopping district adjoining the old town of Katong. In the old part of the city, it will be very easy to find buildings-building of cultural heritage whose architecture is a relic of Peranakan culture in Singapore. (Peranakan here refers to local Chinese or Malay)

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a long-standing recreational park on the southeastern coast of Singapore. His name is park, it certainly offers a lot of outdoor activities huh. It was fun to feel the atmosphere of active, cheerful and excited laughter around East Coast Park. Local people gather together here, whether with friends or family, can interact without burden. Young old age, parents, students to small children, all here. A rare sight that I have never encountered during a play to Singapore so far. Exciting!

A large field is located on the East Coast Park. Various kinds of physical activities can easily be encountered here. Almost half the side of the field is surrounded by restaurants and cafes and bathroom facilities that visitors can use for free. So do not worry about drinking food issues until the area is clean. Then in the south and southeast of East Coast Park stretches the white sand beach of Singapore. Rarely do you play on the beach a la Singapore? (other than on Sentosa Island)

On the beach is not less interesting. Can we really bring mats like a mat, then sitting sitting pretty on the beach, relaxed because again on the beach. 😀 The scenery is quite unique on the East Coast coast is a lot of large ships seen parked and passing in the Singapore sea.

Oh yes, prior to the beach area, we also passed a fairly wide jogging track. No less exciting, here also we can find the local community to exercise together. The run is, the difference, inline skate or just a leisurely stroll with a pet dog. Somehow this kind of scenery can bring positive energy for me. So it feels more relaxed and relaxed than walking in the middle of the city in other parts of Singapore. 🙂

Do not worry, as tourists or visitors there, we can also really enjoy the green side of Singapore. In the East Coast Park there is also a bicycle rental koq. It costs about 8 SGD for a duration of 3 hours. Cus!

Katong and crossbreed Culture

The other side of the Katong area as I have written above is the old city. The mention of this old city is just my own, anyway, because there really is no old town or ‘old town’ in Katong. This is the first image and impression I get when exploring Katong in the crossbreed cultural heritage area.

There is a main road that divides this area where there is quite a contrast between one side and the other. On one side of the street there are many modern buildings that are used as shopping centers, hotels, apartments or the office. While on the other side of the street, alias across, lined buildings of heritage buildings that still looks the original form. This part is what I call the ‘old city’. 🙂

The atmosphere here is certainly not as hectic as any of the other parts of Singapore, although I try to dig into some of the shopping centers here. Is the item less ‘branded’? Not really, all sorts of things are here too.

What is unique here is the cultural heritage of the crossbreed itself. Starting from culinary to crafts. Especially in handicrafts, Peranakan culture here has a unique style of flower in the middle of the box so. This flower pattern is widely implemented into various goods such as cloth, porcelain, webbing, etc. One of these stores that sells handicrafts is  Bebe House. The collection is very interesting and detailed.

There is also a Hindu Temple, Sri Senpaga Vinayagar. What I think somewhat distinguishes this Temple from another Temple in Singapore is the ornament above the entrance. If most of the statues are painted colorfully, here painted only one color, that is yellow. Maybe you can see the photo below for more details. Or maybe someone knows what the top is called?

Special Mall for Manpower Services

One of the other unique things I encountered in Katong is when I entered Katong Shopping Center. From the outside looks like a shopping center in general, it’s just looks showing Shopping Center is not as modern as other malls. When I try to enter, surprised also with the contents of the shopping center. It turns out its contents are dominated by tenant-tenant service providers from various countries.

An unfamiliar sight before my eyes but a common sight there. The providers of labor services are fighting over customers with sentences like “We specialize in Indonesian, Myanmar & Filipino Maids.”, “Fast Arrival, Within a Week!”, “English & Mandarin Speaking.” There are also those who write “Your FAMILY Deserves The BEST! “. In these tenants are also seen a lot of prospective workers who sit neatly complete with uniforms each service provider. The landscape seems to imply that they are ready to be interviewed and selected by the job seeker. Good luck mbak mbak everything !! 😀

In other parts still inside the Katong Shopping Center, can also be found a kind of tenant that provides training for prospective workers. Starting from training ironing, folding clothes to bathe the baby. Do not worry, the baby is wearing a koq doll. Hehehehe …

OK, another magical and unique sight I encountered during this Katong area exploration. 😀 Between funny, amused, excited and pity, mix together. The important thing is to be grateful … 🙂 🙂

Katong Shopping Center – Singapore

the inside of the Katong Shopping Center. selected selected ..

Katong, an area that may still be a foreign name for us, was quite interesting to visit. My choice to make a short trip to a weekend getaway to Katong was not wrong. Pas again feel the need for a vacation for being tired with work at the office, here I really can feel relaxed and relaxed. For a few days here, do not share the Singapore-style rush hour that has been encountered in Singapore’s mainstream areas, hehehe … 😀

You could say the area in Katong is not too broad, so everything is still within walking distance. The leisurely stroll here does not matter anyway, because I feel the atmosphere around support for it. Not in a hurry, just enjoy it. 🙂

Staycation at Grand Mercure Roxy, Singapore!

Soft mattresses, good food or anything else what makes you feel at home in a hotel? If I personally, it is often that make it come from the simple things that may sometimes escape the attention of people. No, not from the luxury of food, not from the cushion of the mattress or how spacious the bathroom.

Some of the things I mentioned before, in my opinion it should be a standard facility that we must get. Usually also directly proportional to the price. Is not it? The time yes already pay expensive, eat in the restaurant with shades of elite dim, trus taste not good ?? * want to go berserk * ​​😆

This time I will give my short review about Grand Mercure Roxy hotel, Singapore. Incidentally some time ago I had a staycation at the hotel located in this Katong area. The intention of a weekend getaway is so. Feel again less picnic plus more suntuk and saturated work at the same office. There is nothing wrong ‘blur’ a moment from busy to serve the country boss right ?? #tsahhh ..

Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

I arrived on a Saturday afternoon around 3 pm Singapore time. At the reception desk, the check-in process went smoothly. The receptionist asked for standard documents such as passports and credit cards. Without lingering Mbak the receptionist gave 2 room access card. Not forgetting while handing the access card, I got a brief briefing of information about wifi passwords up to hours and restaurant locations for breakfast. Quick and not complicated.

Surprise !! The receptionist informed me that my room was upgraded to a Suite type! Who is not happy if our room type is upgraded? Although at that time I still feel normal because baseball know room on the 16th floor that would be like. Also informed if it turns out the floors 16 and 17 in this hotel is Executive Floor therefore I have free access to the Executive Lounge on the 17th floor! Woohooo …. !! Eits …, I just yelled in koq heart. Cool attitude still must be taken everywhere yes, pretend not surprised, but … Hahaha ..

Lobby and Receptionist at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

Business Suite Room

From the reception desk I went straight to the elevator to my room. The elevator door is open quite quickly, which I think is good. Not slow or lambreta. As a dynamic and active person, most can not see that slowly so!

It turned out that my room was the closest room to the elevator. One other positive point from this Business Suite room. Paste the access card, open the door, go into the room, and … OK, this time I can not be cool anymore! 😆

Room Business Suite type is really gawking. WOW really! Its size is really big! It seems to want to roll on the mattress, prancing around in the room, but not so because inget age. 😆 😆

Business Suite Room – view from the inside

Starting from the front side, ie work desk and minibar. The desk is definitely comfortable because it is very relieved. Ngebayangin really good for typing pretty writing blog post here. ha ha ha..

In the middle, there is 1 piece of mattress size that I think maybe the size is King Size. There is a 42 “TV on the front of the mattress. Then on the left side of the room there is a set of couch complete with his desk. Filled out 10an guests are still very comfortable to chat chatting here.

Moving into the bathroom, the size is also practically spacious. Want a bath with a bathtub or shower, can choose according to taste. The Amenities? Well, do not worry, complete. The choice of scent for shampoo and bath-gel is pretty good yes, not like the typical smell of shampoo ala hotel. 😀

The good news, Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore is very understanding with guests. In the bathroom there is a digital body scales too! Important ya ya .. let alone hotel food is not that good gini. Not to mention in Katong area itself culinary tour choice so many.

Business Suite Room -bathtub or shower ??

What I like from the room in general is the modern minimalist design. From cabinets, divans, table-chairs to sofas, all minimalist models. Simple! The impression became more relieved, not even full of models carvings or ornaments strange that I think even make the impression cramped. 😀

The lighting in the rooms was also very comfortable yes. At night, the lighting of the lights feels very comfortable. Not too dark, not too bright either. Sometimes there is a hotel whose room lights are dimly lit, even though all the lights are turned on.

Another simple thing that I should appreciate is … the quality of the room slippers. Sandals thick and soft material. Aseli comfortable. Used roads in seputaran hotel is also still comfortable because the material is really thick. Surely often nginep in star hotels, eh sandals just flip flops thin sorts of crepes.

The absurd thing I did in the room was .. believe it or not, 3 days 2 nights here I did not change the TV channel though! How come? As usual, the first time we enter the hotel room, the TV usually turns on channel 0 or the hotel’s special channels. The contents are usually promotional about the hotel. Actually the same anyway, the default channel at Grand Mercure Roxy also contains the promotion of the hotel itself.

What distinguishes is, although the video display of information the hotel, audio is filled by one of the radio stations in Singapore. Otherwise class95 FM. Fun, the choice of songs on this radio station really suited my taste. Yes already deh, in the room so not lonely as he listened to the radio anytime. 😀

Swimming pool

One more simple thing I liked was … the pool. At Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore this swimming pool is quite spacious. The shape is you know, rectangular. Simple, enggak strange. I do not need a swimming pool that turn here turn here yes. No problem is not exactly instagramable .. the intention of swimming or playing water anyway? 😛 Precisely a simple swimming pool like this that can be used for real pool. Back and forth to the long dimension of the swimming pool here is enough to feel koq sport. 😀

The water? Clear and clean. Visibility in the water can be from the edge of the pool to the other end. In addition I do not feel there is a scent cleanser in the pool located on the 3rd floor. A plus point in my opinion.

Swimming Pool at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

Executive Lounge

Above have I told you that I also got access to the Executive Lounge? Well, there’s no way I missed the opportunity to taste the Executive Lounge. Moreover, we as guests on the 16th and 17th floors may come at any time to the Executive Lounge while still in its operational hours, starting from 06.00 – 22.00.

In the Executive Lounge we can hang around unobtrusively until you might want a small meeting. There are many chairs and tables that can be used for chit-chat, read books or even just staring out the view. In one corner of the Executive Lounge room there is also a wide range of business center space complete with PC supporters. So can really if for small meetings or even blogging * alah Do not worry for drinks, kinds of coffee, tea, juice, etc. are all free here. Just take it out again. For cocktails are also available, but only at 6 pm to 8 pm. 😀

Not just hanging out, if we have access to the Executive Lounge means we can also have breakfast here. Just come here before 10 am, can have breakfast in the executive lounge with a more private atmosphere.

Executive Lounge Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

The view from its executive lounge .. Can see the island of Batam (city in in Indonesia) there ??

Located on the 17th floor of course Executive Lounge offers views to the city from the top. Well, the scenery here is also normal baseball. Can be seen coastal East Coast Singapore complete with large ships that are in the Singapore Strait. Maybe if his eyes have not minus, Batam island can also be seen. Maybe you know … 😆

Just spoiled this is the Executive Lounge. Suitable really for us who intent to getaway weekend by way of staycation. Could have a beautiful chat while enjoying the view from above. want to read and read books also may. Free!

Handy Phone

Other facilities that I think very cool is … the existence of Handy Phone. What is Handy Phone? So, in the room, exactly on the desk, there is a mobile phone which is a facility of Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore. This mobile phone we can use for data access and international call. The data package is unlimited you know. Free to use.

Can we take the hotel out? Obviously ok .. so do not worry stray in Singapore, because we can use the maps anytime wear this Handy Phone. Handy Phone is android-based smartphone. The first time we login to Handy Phone, the application is available only the default application only. Not to forget also with news-feeds about tourist information in Singapore. For other applications, we can download any application that if we want to use in mobile tsb, eg Social Media or the other. 😀

Handy Phone, a unique facility of Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

Well, if you want to check-out do not forget to do the data deletion. Later automatically Handy Phone condition will reset like initial condition. So the application we downloaded and the username / password information will be lost as well. Simply secure and convenient is for data privacy issues.

Location and Free Shuttle Bus

Types of home ads on television are always up in price every Monday, one of the selected considerations is location, location and location. Yes, right? 😀 Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore is a very strategic location. The hotel is located just behind the ‘Opp Parkway Parade’ bus stop. So if you want to other areas in Singapore, can really ride the bus. Do you know how convenient the bus is in Singapore? sad clay in Indonesia 🙁

FREE Bus Shuttle!

Moreover, if indeed the intention eksplore Katong area, the location of this hotel really strategic! The road to the front of the hotel can be directly to the East Park area, the road to the rear of the hotel directly to the old town a la Katong.

The distance from Changi airport is also still close, only about 30 minutes. Oh yes, do not worry transport from / to Changi airport. The hotel provides shuttle bus facilities that are available every hour from 06.30 am to 1 am. Just make sure we reserve the Shuttle chair to the receptionist or the concierge there. FREE! 🙂

Recommended for Staycation!

With the facilities we manjain really coupled with a very strategic location, Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore is in my opinion recommended to be a choice of overnight in Singapore. For business can, for transit can especially for staycation, really fit! Its location in the Katong area, another area in the neighboring country that has the other side of Singapore, is also very supportive for a short vacation to unwind. What does the other side of Singapore mean? Wait on the next post yes! 😀

Itinerary Kuala Lumpur In One Day

“Any ideas not, where’s the fun?”, “Can ya do it there?” Questions like this or the like could be one of the most frequently asked questions to me. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of this neighboring country in my opinion has become one of the favorite transit city of the traveler from Indonesia. Therefore, questions like the beginning are often asked, especially from people who are just transiting and have no more than 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur.

Then what is the answer to that question? Well, in this post I want to share some tips and ideas to be able to enjoy the city of Kuala Lumpur in a short time. Let’s just say we only have less than 24 hours there, but still can enjoy the attractions of Kuala Lumpur is ‘mandatory’. So too mainstream ?? Yes mangap .., it is usually the mainstream that’s typical right? 😀

Petronas Twin Tower from KLCC Park

or select in the evening? 😀

Bukit Bintang

If asked in Kuala Lumpur the most comfortable stay in which area, I still often advise in the area of ​​Bukit Bintang ya. Bukit Bintang area is arguably one of the main hubs in Kuala Lumpur, especially for tourists. The choice of lodging ranging from hostels to star hotels is also quite a lot in this area. The last time I played to Kuala Lumpur, look for a hotel directly on the spot – upon arrival in Bukit Bintang area. Eh fortunately can dapet lodging according to the budget. Yes .. even though got in and out 2-3 other hotels before met matching 🙂 Males ribet? Can really booking hotel online, many choices! 😀

Bukit Bintang area is also known as one of the shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur. There will be plenty of shops to the malls along this Bukit Bintang street. Do not miss cafes or restaurants. So do not worry to find a meal here, even though the choice of eating is mostly mall-style food. For the price yes adjust it yes, hehehe …

Petronas Twin Tower & Suria KLCC Mall

Well, mandatory tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur must be Petronas Twin Tower. The twin towers are a must for the first traveler to Kuala Lumpur. The building belongs to the Malaysian oil company has become an icon of Kuala Lumpur is very strong. So, stop by to Petronas Twin Tower is yes .. No need to go inside, just photographs in the surrounding park. Save, free, economical, exist! 😀

Visiting Petronas Twin Tower can be done in the morning or also at night. Whether in the morning or in the evening they both offer interesting views of the Petronas building.

In the ‘foot’ of Petronas Twin Tower is Suria KLCC Mall. What is it? Yes like most malls. Department Store, Restaurant, Cafe, etc. It’s okay to stop here if you want to ngadem in the mall. Do not preoccupy linger hanging out here, ntar time out! Hehehe…

In front of the Mall overlooking KLCC Park (Kuala Lumpur City Center), there is a pool called Lake Symphony. If the night, in this pond there is a fountain show so. Cool and quite entertaining koq. And the important thing … can be enjoyed free. 🙂

dancing fountain in front of Petronas Twin Tower

KL Tower

KL Tower is an antenna transmitter tower used by TV / Radio. And like most other transmitter towers, in KL Tower this can be used as a tourist attraction is quite frugal. The main attraction is the 360 ​​degree view of Kuala Lumpur city from the heights. Surely there are a number of fees to pay to get into the observation floor or sky deck at the top. Good day or night? Back again, this is a personal preference yes, more where, day scene or night scene. 😀

Alor Street

Still in area of ​​Bukit Bintang, can also stop by Alor Street if you want culinary tour of Kuala Lumpur style. Unlike the dining place in Bukit Bintang, in Alor Street is more to the roadside stalls. Recommended really to find dinner in this Alor Street area. As the day began to darken, more and more food vendors sprang up hawking food on either side of the street. The more the night gets crowded.

OK, the 4 locations above are Kuala Lumpur attractions which I think can be visited if we only have 1 day in Kuala Lumpur. Location of these attractions are still close, located in around Bukit Bintang itself. What can be done on foot? Can be really, because I’ve done it koq. Tired? Yes if the road continues to be tired, but if while enjoying the atmosphere around, stop by for a while, hanging out for a while, it can still be taken with a leisurely walk.

Still have more time? Or do you want to skip one of the objects above? It’s okay to look at 2 other objects that I think can be visited as well while in Kuala Lumpur.

Petaling Street

Another option for shopping in Kuala Lumpur is Petaling Street. Unlike the Bukit Bintang area crammed with shops of world brands, Petaling Street is more a kind of folk market. Aselinya Petaling Street is a kind of China Town, so do not be surprised if many find a place to eat a la Chinese Food here. In addition to kulinter tours, in Petaling Street we can also shop for shopping. Starting from t-shirts, bags, shoes, until other knick knacks, can easily be found here. Who want to souvenir in Kuala Lumpur, may come by Petaling Street. Remember, the price is still negotiable! 😉

Petaling Street location is also not too far from the Bukit Bintang area. Walk by foot also still can still. Remember yes, walking his legs relaxed aja, hehehe …

Petaling Street – Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves

One more mainstream object in Kuala Lumpur is Batu Caves. Its location is quite far in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Do not worry, though far enough, to get to Batu Caves is quite easy. Can use the MRT take a major to Batu Caves, already deh sit sweet until the final destination in Batu Caves itself. 🙂 I will not write much about Batu Caves here, because I have told you a little about Batu Caves here.

Batu Caves – Kuala Lumpur

Well, is not it? To fill the time for approximately 1 daily in Kuala Lumpur, I think the choice of attractions above is quite koq. In fact, if you want to be visited by all, it seems not going to be enough in 1 day, so please be selected only which attractions are approximately suitable time.

So do not be confused anymore yes, if there is a chance transit in Kuala Lumpur, not much time, then want to go anywhere?

Hopefully can help!

Explore the Phuket Island and Hunt the Wat

Wake up early, take a shower and check-out directly from the hostel, we go directly to the rental car in Ratsada Road. Walk about 10 minutes away from the hostel. We decided to finally hire a car with consideration because we’ve brought all the luggage, scared when riding a bike so hard bumped.

Rental rates per 24 hours, without gasoline:
1. car (Soluna Matic) – 1000 Baht
2. motor matic – 250 Baht
3. manual motor (ordinary duck) – 150 baht

There is no need for International Driving License to be able to rent a car there. Condition is enough show your driver lisence, then give your PASPOR (who will driving) for guarantee. For the car, the rent is only for cars. excluding gasoline and driver alias own driver. The rental system, the first time we are handed the car keys, the gas tank is in full condition, tomorrow the return must also be re filled full.

OK, the second day starts from a stray trip either to a Wat we do not know his name! :)) Actually we are looking for Wat Phranang Sang in Thalang Town area. The first stop, stop by Wat who We Do not Know His Name.

From this Wat we continue the journey and finally find Wat Phranang Sang the real! Apparently Wat Phranang Sang is located on the side of the road that we’ve never ngelewatin before! :))

What is unique from Wat Phranang Sang is the statue of the great Kwan Im Goddess in the middle of the trees so. But unfortunately still not bamboo forest …! There are also small Buddha statues per day name (Monday to Sunday).

After from Wat Phranang Sang, we continue to Wat Phratong whose location is still in the area of ​​Talang.

We do not get into the main building in Wat Phratong, because inside is being used for the ceremony / ritual so.

In the afternoon, we go straight to Patong, precisely to the food court in Banzaan market. The main purpose here is looking for lunch. Banzaan fresh market is located behind Jungceylon Mall, the only Mall that is here. We parked in Jungceylon here. Here is the first time we pay for parking rates in Phuket! 😀 Jungceylon like most mall buildings, but because the only Mall so it seems obliged to visit also.

At Banzaan Fresh Market, the food court is located on the top floor. Here nih if you want to eat cheap with a portion of good portion! Once ate and drank only 35-45 Baht. The system, we must deposit first, up to how tens or hundreds Baht. Next we will be given a card to be used as a payment transaction on food counter2. Later if there are leftovers, we tuck the card with the remaining money. Not too simple, but quite easy … 🙂

Selesei lunch, we continue the trip to Wat Chalong. It could be said that Wat Chalong is the largest Wat in Phuket. And true, feels once Vesak celebration in Wat Chalong this. There are some great buildings that can be visited here. Unfortunately there is 1 building which again renovated our time to get there. 🙁 less deh 1 spot for nampang2 in front of him

Satisfied from Wat Chalong, by chance time rada afternoon, we immediately moved the spot to Promthep Cape. Its location is in the southern part of Phuket island itself. Promthep Cape is famous as a place to see the sunset aka Sunset View Point.

In this Cape Promthep there is a kind of souvenir shop so. Sempet buy shirts here. Price is about 150 Baht, white shirt but good material.

From Promthep Cape we return again to Patong area close to Jungceylon earlier. The area here is indeed one of the crowds in Patong. Aselinya main goal back to the area here is clay BANCI! That’s a sissy yes kind of lady boy … and it seems we are misplaced, on the right and left even a sissy sexy! : hammer: In the area here, we sempet looking for eating malem and eating sea food cooked Thai-style spices.

Oh yeah, earlier in Kamala Beach we stopped for a while and looked for ferry information for the crossing to Phi-Phi the next morning. Finally after several times the price survey, we get a deal price 350 Baht / person for 1 x crossing Phuket-Phi2. The price includes a pickup facility in a promised location. Because we are still nomadic, we agreement at Phuket Backpacker Hostel, the front means! 😀

Well, because the car we rent is for 24 HOURS, then we decided to sleep by the roadside, in the car park!  But, considering the battery life, cameras etc. are on thinning, we finally decided to stop by to McD in front of Patong beach which is open 24 hours.

Road Trip To Enjoy New Zealand

Splitting the mountain and the natural surroundings with a view that always manages to spoil the eye, we drive the car on a smooth road. Almost always straight and goes without a hitch. Not forgetting music always accompanies all the way. Meanwhile, the outside temperature is quite cold, making us really enjoy a glass of chocolate or hot coffee that we occasionally sipping little by little accompany all the way. Scrumptious ?? Yet! That’s what I felt when I finally felt the road trip in New Zealand.

And based on that experience, so when asked what is recommended when in New Zealand, I always answer ‘walk-trip’ is! 😀 New Zealand offers breathtaking scenery. Almost all the way from one city to another, we will always find a monotonous view … beautiful monoton alias all beautiful

New Zealand itself is a country that is very supportive of tourism in a road trip. It is possible for us to rent a car from town A but back in town B, without the need to return to the city of A. It is even possible to return the car on a different island. 😀

Flexible! That’s the main reason why I recommend to try a road trip in New Zealand. With the many beautiful places that lie in New Zealand, if we drive a car alone we can definitely stop anytime anywhere depending on our wishes, of course in a safe place yes. Imagine, if for example a public bus ride so, if you are passing through areas with extraordinary scenery, we can only shout in the heart, then fitting to photographs, fit nyiapin camera, ehh .. is too far! Hehehe…

Tired?  My experience driving a car there hundreds of miles does not feel tired what-how, except pegel because most are sitting. After all, if you already feel tired so, can pause to just straighten the body or photographs as well for example. Yes, time trip to New Zealand is my one and only driver.., in the sense there is no tandem to drive in turn. It’s been so when I select a car with a manual transmission, do not experience the same car matic 😛 Maybe not feel tired because despite traveling far, there almost never hit the brakes, the street is relatively quiet empty. 😀 * Unless it’s in the city yes .. *

Along the road trip in New Zealand we will often find small towns that exist among the mountains or hills in New Zealand. A small town made up of people’s homes with small shops along the highway. Sometimes there is a small refueling station or a small shop selling food.

When driving a car split the small town area they will, we certainly have to reduce the speed up to a maximum of 50 km / hour. Traffic signs showing speed limits really help us tell whether we’re going to enter the city area or not.

The recommended maximum speed is 100 km / h. A few kilometers before entering the small town / residential area, there will be a beacon that regulates the maximum speed is 80 km / h. Afterwards, when it is really going to get into the city area there will be a maximum speed beam is 50 km / hour. Similarly when going out of town, there will be a sequential beacon starting from when we are allowed to drive the car up to 80 km / h, continue until the last sign is 100 km / h, or means step on gas again! 😀 Keep up the pattern. 🙂

Roadtrip route

On the sites of New Zealand tourist information providers, there is a lot of roadtrip route information that we can make inspiration. Complete with the estimated time of the roadtrip, how many kilometers, how many days, all aturable really. With limited time off work, we decided to make a road trip in South Island, with the following routes:

Christchurch – Lake Tekapo: 200++ km distance with an estimated time of 3-4 hours
Lake Tekapo – Lake Pukaki – Queenstown: a distance of 250 km with an estimated time of 3-4 hours
Queenstown – Lake Te Anau: a distance of 200 km with an estimated time of 2 -3 hours
Lake Te Anau – Queenstown: same as above
We rented a car starting from Christchurch and returned the car in Queenstown city because the next itinerary is flying to Wellington on the North Island. When renting a car, we are picked up at the airport by the rental to be escorted to the rental office located quite close to the airport. Similarly, when delivering a car in Queenstown, from our rental car office transfer to the airport. Service is so, fun right? 🙂

Namaste Nepal

“Ctak! Ctak! Ctak! “As soon as the sound of seat belts was released, they were shooting out from all corners of the plane cabin, just as the plane’s wheels had just hit the runway of Kathmandu, Nepal. At the time the plane was still speeding fast, people were immediately busy standing up and would open the cabin luggage cover.

The steward and stewardesses immediately stood up shouting “Sit down, please, sir!” With a loud voice, the cabin crew was seen trying to ‘calm’ the passengers who seemed to be impatient to get up and get out of the plane (whereas the plane has not stopped!).

We are quite surprise with such scenery, just can tinker with each other. Gawking, bewildered mixed amusement into one. Hahaha … Welcome to Nepal, guys !!

Namaste Nepal! * while shaking head *

Having a chance to travel in Nepal for about 1 week, made me feel a lot of unique and exciting experiences. The incident on the plane that I told you at the beginning was just one example of the many stories I got there. Probably will not be able to accommodate all, but in this post I try to share the stories of some unique experiences that I felt during traveling in Nepal. For details of other stories can be read in the next post about Nepal yakk … 😀

Unusual Time
Experiencing the time difference from our hometown is already common yes, especially if we go far enough. The time difference of 1 hour, 3 hours or even 12 hours may not be a strange thing. How about the time difference until the minute unit? 😀

Nepal is a country with time unit GMT + 5:45, meaning time in Los Angeles is faster 13 hour 45 minutes. While in Los Angeles at 7 am, in Nepal the time was 17.15 pm (Previous day). How strange? Yes it is so 😀 Why? Can try to read a brief explanation here yes.

There is no Milk & Cheese, Kathmandu town is very dusty
First impression of seeing the city of Kathmandu is … dry and dusty at all! Looks like this city of Kathmandu is doing a massive development. The improvement of the pedestrian path, the repair of the highway, etc. became a common sight at the time. As far as the eye can not see there is a bright building, which is dull like as a result of a lot of dust, especially on the edges of the highway. Not a few people passing by using a mask here.

Actually not all parts of Kathmandu are so dusty. In the eastern part of Kathmandu, it looks pretty clean and neat. At that time it was said to be because the development in the eastern region is complete. Fortunately we chose to stay in the tourist center of Kathmandu city near the Thamel Area, an area that is being built and tidied up. 🙂

** Kathmandu is the state capital of Nepal, Noted!

Cow On the Road
Do not be surprised if you see the cows sleeping in the middle of the road. Yes, in the middle of the highway! Automatically the road users will avoid the cow TSB. Do you know if the Cow is an animal that is considered sacred to the teachings of Hinduism? Well, in Nepal itself Hinduism is the largest religion of its population. So it makes sense why not? 😀

Even extreme, it seems safer cow that is in the middle of the road than the human itself. Watch-out!

The Highlights of Sydney and New South Wales, Australia

When I travel to the southern hemisphere of this beloved earth, actually the first country that I visit is not New Zealand, but Australia you know. How come? Initially I bought a flight ticket from Singapore to Auckland in the form of direct flights, not transit. But suddenly a few months before the H day, I was told if there was a change of flight schedule where my flight was converted into a one-way transit flight in Australia, precisely in the city of Melbourne.

Long story short, I was just transiting in Melbourne, did not get out of the airport. Any friends who know if I just transiting most of them always ask, why do not all of them drop by itung-itung nyicipin Australia even though only a few days. Especially the reason if not for a short time, think brayy leave … Yes times the name ‘Leave’ it can be bought, I have bought from the first. For business money, thank goodness does not become a barrier for me to walk.

Starting from setting foot for a few hours on the continent kangaroo they will be, I started to googling fun, read-read blog friends, what’s wrong in Australia this? Wakkks, there are many! More and more read more aja nyesek aja why not baseball all explore Australia. Especially now there are some friends I was undergoing the WHV (Working Holiday Visa) in Australia. Looking at the social media they show off the photos and stories cried in Australia, ah .. the headache of nutmeg berbie, cenut so. 😳 😳


Skydiving is one of the things that entered my bucket list for a long time, and it turns out that in Sydney it can really do Skydiving. The exact location is above the North Wollongong beach. So while plunging sauce looking at the coastline from a height of 14 thousand feet, ahhh … surely we will be served spectacular scenery well! Wish me luck! * crossed finger *

The Blue Mountains is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Region sites located just a short distance from Sydney, less than 2 hours away, pretty close by. If from the pictures hell really storm kece. What I want to do is … towards the top of his view point, then coffee-coffee beautiful. Already, ga grandiose. Seeing the incredible view in front of the eyes while admiring the beauty of his creation was incredible, priceless! Especially if you add a glass of warm Latte.


The mountain is already, the sky is, now it’s beach time! The next destination I will visit is Lord Howe Island. The distance is quite far away, about 600km east of the city of Sydney. But calmly, there are Qantas aircraft that not only serve the route Los Angeles – Sydney, Sydney – Lord Howe route flights exist. It’s easy!?

Then, what’s going on? But try deh, if the place kind of small heaven in the world so, who can reject?

Sydney City Tour!

Last but not least, Sydney! Have you played to New South Wales baseball explore the city of Sydney? It’s like eating vegetables without gravy and salt directly goat kebayang As a big city and wide, certainly a lot can be done in this city yes. Starting from culinary tours, shopping tours, historical tours to sightseeing tour around the city.

Culinary at Sydney

I personally demen walk enjoy the city, surely I will not miss the City Tour around the city of Sydney. In my opinion, by walking we will really feel the atmosphere of an area. While walking in the middle of the city can all culinary tours and shopping (condition: if the baggage still fit – hahaha …)

My friend who is currently in Sydney has an assessment that Sydney is a city that loves to hold fireworks festivals, not having to wait for New Year. Almost every week there can be a fireworks festival.

Not only that, the nightlife of the city of Sydney is also very lively. If the night of Sydney becomes very beautiful decorated by the colorful lights, especially when the ongoing Vivid Sydney event. The city of Sydney seems to be turning into a canvas of art performances in open space, beautifully painted using modern lighting.

OK, maybe while my itinerary is as much as it used to be. Now itinerary is now looking for the right time to trip there, Anyone want to invite there?